I want to go to church

I want to go to church but someone said not to, should I go?

I don’t want something to go bad there

If you’re apprehensive,

I’d say its a bad idea.


That’s not really a good philosophy for anything in life.

It is when it comes to Church.


My mind is not well, just don’t want something terrible to happen

Okay 151515151515

not well right now

If you’re not well right now,

Church is the last place you need to be.

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Then maybe wait until you are doing better. I didn’t go to church this Sunday (or for all this month for that matter) because I wasn’t doing well. If this is your first time, then it will be even more overwhelming. When you are ready, if you still wanted to and are feeling better, you could find a friend to go with you.

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I have a lot of friends there but I would like to feel better

Went to church three times, the first time; the preacher told my to come back on tuesday and the nuns would help me (I thought he could just place his hands on my head, say a prayer or two and I would be healed), so I didn’t go back on Tuesday.
The second time I went back to the same church and met a different preacher who gave me some type of water mixed with something and told me to drink it slowly overnight and tell him what happened the next day (I did as he said but it only magnified my schizophrenia symptoms, made them ten times worse) Next morning, I didn’t go back.
The third time I went to a different church only this time I was telling the office secretary of the church that my schizophrenia originates from a bible verse Revelations 3: church of sardis, and like in the verse I was one of the soiled people, and I needed to speak to the preacher about it). I think they just assumed I was a crazy nutjob coz they told me to wait for the preacher to finish some wedding service he was doing, but after he was done, the had literally locked their office doors and their was no way to enter.

Never went back since, but I always wonder what those nuns could have done or if that preacher who gave me the water could give me something else to make it less schizophrenic like his water made it more schizophrenic

but on hindsight… go to the church, just don’t speak or tell them you have schizophrenia and you’ll be able to attend every sunday service without the usual prejudice of being the schizophrenic guy

I tell them who I would like to pray for

just don’t think there is some special mambojambo spiritual stuff going on there and you’ll be sound of mind. Otherwise, you’ll enter their fooling yourself with things like God is watching etc…