Who goes to church?

Does anyone here go to church?

Before I got on meds, whenever I went to church I would get really really paranoid and I would hallucinate really bad.

Now I don’t have the hallucinations but I still get really bad anxiety. Pretty much anywhere I go in public.

Religion isn’t a good topic for this forum. Again, for the 5000th time.


I don’t believe in going to church. I have my bible and I pray and that’s all I need to worship God.


Why is it not a good topic?

Do a search on just about any religious topic. They’ve all been closed for the same reasons.



I’m not pushing my beliefs?

I went last month. It went OK. The women pastor just happened to be the pastor who led my moms service at her funeral. So she came up and said “hi”. At the end of the service a women walked up to me and said “Hi Nick”. It turns out that she was the women who led the depression support group I went to for awhile at a clinic. We chatted a little then I went home. I’m planning on going back tomorrow.

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Since 26 or 27 years I have not gone to church.

@oddjob did someone say church? :smiley:

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Reminds me of my old mission days…

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I don’t go to church. I watch sermons online sometimes instead.

I do, but I’m not even religious. I go so the priest will let me play the organ afterwards.

Even if you don’t feel you are, it usually doesn’t take long for people on either side to show up ready to push on their own. Hopefully this thread goes better, but the track record is awful.

Same for atheism threads, btw. It’s definitely not just a problem with threads started by believers.

I used to go, but I kept feeling like the priest could hear the voices in my head and would keep looking at me disappointingly, no matter which church I went to…all met with this delusion. Then I’d sit and feel guilty the rest of the time during the service because I had voices in my head that were causing me not to focus on the priest’s sermon.

So for now I don’t go, that and my dad’s schedule changed and he now works Sunday morning, and we’ve never attended a Saturday service because they happen during dinner time. I have my bible on my Kindle that I’m reading and keep my prayers with God. I think he can understand my not attending church, after all he agreed to let me having Schizophrenia to begin with…

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last time i went to church for regular service there were aliens connecting beams of energy to people. Didn’t like that very much. I am considering finding an alien free church.
yes i know this is my “delusion” talking.

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i wouldn’t recommend it if you are symptomatic, its not very good for symptoms but if you are stable enough and able to, i don’t see the harm, you just need to have a really good handle on your symptoms i think, i go when i can but it is hard, i need to watch my anxiety closely, but i think its getting better, i think it is making me a stronger person as well. it helps me a lot.

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i like churches :church:
they burn :fire: really well … :imp:

me bad
me very bad
sorry could not help myself…i am mad after all !?!

take care :alien:


i go to church was there tonight i love it there

Nice forum/community here. But why stop there? Why not a physical place? answer: boundaries. I propose the formation of a country of schizophrenics…I mean there are already mental institutions for schizophrenics…why not a whole country…run by capable schizophrenics?