Did anybody else get ruined with your goals because if sz or any other mental illness

Did anybody else get ruined with your goals, because of sz, or any other mental illness?

Yeah…I graduated top of my high school class and had a scholarship to John’s Hopkins ready for the next Fall, but instead I got a “scholarship” for 5 months that year to Florida State Hospital. I was aiming for medical school eventually but have spent the last 30 years in and out of hospitals. I managed to get a master’s degree but have such a hard time coping that I haven’t done anything with it. Ha ha, in 9th grade I was voted most likely to succeed! Now I’m on disability.


I graduated University whilst in psychosis…

My original plan was to study until I reached my academic height

This did not happen

Now it has been nearly 9 years since I studied, and I fear now it’s too late to go back to it now

I think this is the main thing I wish that I could have done, but it was never to be

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I actually didnt have goals. I was always a flunky…

Most definitely.

Yes, my goals got ruined. Now I don’t do anything.

My goals are still there sometimes.
But I think you mean if me pursuing those goals ruined anybody because I was reckless and driven by insanity?
I don’t like to think about it.

I was going to be a rock and roll star. I never passed the ninth grade in high school. After I got sick I got my high school equivalence degree, went to college for about a year’s worth in a few years, and moved onto the university music school department but had a big relapse of my illness and failed out. It could have been a fun experience but I never had the money or car needed anyhow. I became an intellectual in the following years despite my inability to comprehend well. I never cared about not becoming anything but my Alter did. I was content as a banquet server. I never cared I lost my mojo as a teenager. I never cared I could have dated hundreds of women by virtue of my good looks alone. But deep inside a part of me was mad and tormented me for thirty years. He let it turn him into the devil. The torment is over, it doesn’t go on forever. So did I really not care? Can the mind really be divided? I am no longer able to work and live in a one room apartment, have no friends or family. I’m hoping to find someone to play guitar and mandolin with. Is that corny? I could teach what I know and learn things among other things. I could progress faster. I don’t know how to find anyone. Announce it in a twelve step meeting or ask at the guitar store. There are no independent local newspapers! It’s a common theme to feel bad about not succeeding in life with sz and sza.

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