Can sz ruin dreams and hopes

i think they can but some its impossible

Only if you let it.

you changed your chune

What is a chune?

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If you mean I changed my tune,

I didn’t.

I always said your dreams were achievable with work.

You have to work hard for your dreams to become a reality.

One can always hope, but at the end of the day success isn’t going to fall in your lap. You need to do the heavy lifting to get there.

I’m diagnosed schizophrenic…married…kids…good job…many friends…I’m doing quite well despite my affliction. And you can too with the right attitude.


compatsation for me is ok

Do you mean compassion or compensation?

My voices say they will never let me have Hope’s and dreams

I am able to fulfill my dreams even with schizophrenia.

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I agree that schizophrenia can ruin dreams and hopes.

Of course it can. But don’t give up. Then the disease has won.

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It doesn’t ruin but it changes your dreams and hopes to different ones.
There is diseases and conditions/environments far worse than having SZ.

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I hope so. I have too many and need to get rid of a few.

My hopes and dreams were unrealistic. And you could easily say I didn’t know what I wanted. I did not think out a do-able plan for myself.

Sza ruined forever my dream of being a hospital RN. It ruined my dream of being independent. Also of being a mom. Also of having a female romantic partner. Also of owning and driving a car.

But in spite of all my dreams being dashed, I am happy anyway.

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Sz taught me to set realistic goals. Obtainable goals.

Sure, it sucks that I’ll never get a college degree in illustrating because I can’t do education and get the credentials, but I’ll just have to dream for something more realistic then and keep illustration as a hobby

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My dream is all my kids are happy and successful in life.

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Well, it desensitized my life to the point of awful terror and doubt because people I thought I could trust decided to hurt me …
I just want my life back.