Drug induced psychosis

Have any of you experienced visual hallucinations caused by sleep deprivation after using drugs?

Its scary but also fascinating.


I don’t understand… caused by drugs alone? Yeah… Sleep deprivation I don’t know… I like to sleep lol


After stopping drug misuse when you cant sleep for two or three nights and then the hallucinations start.

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The bottom line is that drugs alone can cause hallucinations even if you are not sleep deprieved.

I have experience them after cannabis usage, which is a mild drug imo.


My first psychosis was drug induced. I used to work nights and my sleep was pretty bad too so i think sleep deprivation definitely didn’t help. I didn’t really get much visual hallucinations it was mainly paranoia that was messing me up. I ended up losing my job as i was having too much time off due to schizophrenia.


I had an iboga experience after a bad concussion that most likely caused my psychosis. I was sleep deprived for sure. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone but it helped me enough to say iboga isn’t bad. I was pre determined to have this condition long before that.

P.s. trying out the app for the first time. So bare with me. My laptop is dead. I like the app so far :relieved:

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I’ve had psychosis from both

Sleep deprivation psychosis tends to be me shutting down and going non verbal a lot and hallucinating bugs

A bit different than my usual psychosis

Mine was drug induced psychosis

That led to sza

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When I was about 16 it started (Drug-induced) then a few years later it came back without the help of drugs.

After a load of tests in hospital etc, they sent me to the mental hospital, and they dx’d me with Paranoid Schizophrenia

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Yeah drugs were a big part of developing sza for me in my opinion. I was only diagnosed drug induced psychosis for the first few years of my mental illness problems. But then after a couple more episodes without drugs i became sza.

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I think weed worsened my sz or maybe triggered it but genetics play a big role. My friends who smoked weed never got psychosis or a bad reaction. I read certain people have genes that predispose them to weed side effects like psychosis, getting sleepy or blackout. Even between schizophrenics these genes can differ but generally weed makes sz worse according to studies.

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Drugs were a big part of my downfall. My ex wife was a chronic weed user so there i was too. Then she wanted to try psychedelics. So i did too. And boom brain broke open.

But id had hallucinations and mood problems since i was a teen. I was destined i think but it brought it out in a disturbing and wild way. And im still trying to swim through.

Now any time i decide to try weed products i hallucinate and get wild paranoia. So i just dont anymore. Not worth it to me. And definitely no psychedelics since the time it broke my brain.

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When I was 17 I made a mistake in choices and dabbled with drugs for a year or so, and by the end of it was brought out that I had psychosis, but my pdoc had said it just brought it out earlier, but that was just depression at the time, after refusing treatment after about 5 years I had delusions!

And I got treatment after a couple of years! Now I’m symptom free… just dealing with a lot of bs so I’m self medicating with alcohol. Which I need to stop, but can’t cause it’s addictive!

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