Did a 5k walk this morning

I havent ever done a full 5k walk nonstop before and the weather was just so good this morning i just wanted to do it, my feet and legs were a bit sore after but its an improvement, normally i walk that much spread throughout the day


Sounds great. I love walking. I would get myself proper walking shoes but i got special feet and can’t get fitting shoes. I walk in sportsshoes.

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How long did that take you

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Took just over an hour

Good for you! Anymore, I walk an hr nd a half every day, except yesterday. I got my exercise another way by helping a friend move something. So far remeron made me gain 5 lbs then with the walking, I shed it off. Walking is good stuff!! Walking is my favorite medicine!

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hey guy, so i ended up doing another 2 long walks the next two days,

i did a 6.5k (about 4 mile) on friday morning and it was great, i saw a great big Clydesdale horse pulling logs,

yesterday i did another 5k with my mum and her dog Piper through the park

and i looked at my average steps for the week which is normally around 6000 and it is now around 9000 steps, i’ve broken my target of 10,000 3 days in a row :slight_smile:


very good

do you use something that marks how far you’ve gone

or how do you know you went 4 miles

there’s an outdoor track near me that I like to exercise on
it’s the equivalent of a high school track
so if I go 4 times around it’s one mile.
My dog is my work out partner.
it’ll be a little while before I can do it,
since I’m injured right now.

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I’ve got a fitness tracker on my phone and it measures how many steps I take and distance and also calories I’ve burned

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I did 15 km yesterday walking thanks to Pokemon! It was a event day.


well done, thats a nearly 10 miles :slight_smile: wow :+1:

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