Did 21k steps yesterday!

Also exercised with dumbells, however i slept badly tonight


Exercise is good. You did a lot of work if your not used to it. I found building up to levels good. Set yourself some simple goals. 10, 000 steps a day is good. Get the body used to it. Not the best with weights but I’d recommend the same approach.

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I always stop exercising for a year since my relapses, get fat and out of shape. Then after a year of my episode i start getting addicted to workout again, I used to be massive bodybuilder and run 10k every second day!

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Take it easy and just build. It’s not hard but it’s worthwhile. I do about 20,000 steps a day nowadays but do a bit of dumbell work. It’s all about balance. Sleep is important. It really is so it’s about getting in sync with your body and doing what works.

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Ill try, I just eant my weight to be normal again, since quittinf invega mt weight kind of stayed the same and stopped getting worse. Now i really want to be back in my old shape. I always loved bodybuilding since I was 14 and hasnt changed much, except the amount of dopamine i get after a workout

Is it true yoi can lose a lot of weight while walking 10k steps a day?

Well done you! Got to feel proud of yourself after that. I hope you get a better night’s sleep tonight.

On these meds every weight loss is a challenge but getting healthy and doing exercise helps. 10k steps a day is good for your health. I do that jogging on the spot in the mornings whilst watching bad tv…I’m pretty fit for my age but weight loss is hard.

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