Did you do anything today?

I did absolutely nothing but watch TV and hang out on this forum. I did take the trash out to the dumpster and wash dishes. I just took a shower. Not much accomplished today. Did you get anything done?

I too had an easy day after a huge week. Still. Currently 23,426 steps up on the fitbit and some other exercise. No run or bike though. I’m liking my wind down days are still pretty productive!

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Sounds like you did some things. I just did the bare necessaries.

Routine is good for the schizophrenic! I’ve found exercise to be a great addition to my days for sure mentally and physically. It’s not easy to take the first step but 10,000 steps is pretty good for a day!

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Sounds like a lot to me. I’m trying to walk some to get some exercise. My arthritis wasn’t too bad this morning.

I had a 32% off coupon for CVS so I went there first thing in the morning and finally settled on some compression socks.

Drove through El Pollo Loco for lunch and took it to the park and sat in my car and ate it.

Came home and I hadn’t been to this other park for awhile so I drove there and sat and drank some soda.

I thought that was it for the day but late in the evening I went for a drive and stopped and bought a sandwich at Togo’s then drove around some more. Got home at 9;30. I guess I didn’t really do that much. Eating at the park, driving,

I made a few phone calls, I guess that’s something.


Well it’s better than nothing at all. I used to like going on drives too.

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