Diagnosed 8 years ago, still don't believe it 99% of the time

I find it difficult to distinguish between thoughts, other people talking, and myself talking. Could this be something else?

What do you mean? Like if someone else is trying to say something to you you think it’s just your own thoughts? Or is it that you have auditory hallucinations and can’t tell they are hallucinations when they happen.

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Like I hear a sentence and I debate whether or not I said something or someone else said something or I was hearing a thought or I guess it could be a hallucination.

That sounds like derealization or depersonalization. Both are marks of sz/sza but they can be something else yeah.

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Hello chance. I had trouble accepting I had schizophrenia for the first three years or so. I’m not sure what your diagnosis is but maybe you could ask to be re-evaluated by a psychiatrist.