I think I have diabetes

I am confident that I have caught up on my sleep.

But I feel so tired!

I ate sweet food today. Ice cream, hot chocolate, muffin,

I think it’s a 50 percent chance I’m diabetic.

Yes, I will get a diabetes test one of these days.

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Probably best to get a blood test soon. Unchecked diabetes can be harmful.


Abilify can mess with your blood sugar. Get a blood test…

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I think unmanaged diabetes is the worst. But yes you are right. I’m just so lazy these days. But this is important

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It’s just cos it means an interrupted sleep on a work day that’s my problem with it… Ugh.

Plus the phone line is horrific.

People with diabetics smell different.

It’s intresting actually how many diaseses you can know by not even doing blood tests

Smell - diabetes, tabagism, stomach ulcers in some cases, some gastro intestinal diaseses

By looking - except for the obvious one, like the ones of the spine and musculoskeletal system theres blood pressure, head trauma, hepatitis, generaly circulatory and brain diaseses, a few liver ones also.

By talking with the person - generally psychiatric diaseses

By hearing not to many except for the loudness of the other persons voice which can indicate deafness

And there’s so much more. I can guess your guys diaseses from a few online interactions :slightly_smiling_face:


Not with much accuracy of course

lol. What are you , a bloodhound?

Get a blood test regularly if your on aps. Ask for a full blood test.

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Lol that’s funny. But it’s true

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I hopes secko gives me a challenge

I see him writing

Cmon cmon say what i wanna hear bro

I want to guess

I should make a thread about this

Let’s hope not. I quit sugar for unrelated reasons, but if I make the mistake of indulging I experience a very unpleasant insulin spike. Maybe you just overdid on that particular occasion but good to be reminded on time off our limits.


I have eaten like this for over a decade it never used to make me this tired. That’s the thing yea.

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Thanks Ish… Yea I made a reminder on my phone

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Lolol… This is interesting… I smell different cos of diabetes.


Actually… You make a point

I have heard about something about their breath…

Peeing a lot is a sign of high blood sugar.

Go to the pharmacy (or Amazon) and buy a glucometer. Test your blood sugar levels. If they are high talk to your doc and get a blood test.

Normal blood sugar level is less than 5.5

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I want to get the one that tests over three months, do you know the test I mean?

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That 3 month test is called your A1C, it’s like an average over those 3 months. That’s the one i concern myself with, I’m not too concerned about the daily fluctuations. My last result was 6.1.

That one is done by blood test, talk to your doctor.

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