Day of the cell phone πŸ“±

Haunted by the fact every one has or need one to funtion. In this :earth_americas:.

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I’m old enough to remember those first mobile phones that were huge bricks. We certainly have come a long ways from that @DrZen . I like my phone. I rarely use it to call people though. It’s usually checking my emails or messages…

Still. I can talk in real time to my ex mrs over in America on my phone with facebook messenger as an app. That is way cool.


How did we ever manage without smartphones ?

My cell phone never leaves my side.

I like all of the parts of my phone except for the phone bit. Mine now rejects all calls (with a rude message) except for a select few whitelisted numbers. Voice communication is overrated, especially for tinnitus sufferers. I like the portable Web, weather, news, and music. My phone just turned three and no plans to upgrade at this time.

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