Derealization without depersonalization in schizophrenia?

Is it possible to only experience derealization without also experiencing depersonalization? I feel things and think things normally but sometimes my perception of my surroundings is off, like I am detached or disconnected.

I feel like “losing touch with reality” is such a vague and broad thing to use as a main descriptor of schizophrenia, I would just like to know what I am feeling has a name, I made another thread where I tried to figure out what I have been experiencing and this will be another attempt.

Does anyone know what derealization feels like and is it something you experience often as part of schizophrenia?

I experience a lot of dissociation.

Derealization is when surroundings seem unreal. For me I feel this aspect gets exacerbated by my SZA.

When I go through these periods I feel like everything just looks wrong/feels off.

Like I’ll look at a wall and feel like it’s not supposed to be that color or I’m in the wrong house.

Sometimes when it’s more extreme it feels like I’m in a game or simulation and I feel like I’m seeing things from an odd perspective

It is possible to have derealization without depersonalization. But I personally suffer from both.

I get just derealization. Everything looks surreal, like, if seeing regularly is SD, then derealization is HD. I’ve never had depersonalization though.

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I always thought that depersonalization, derealization and disassociation were all the same things? they are supposed to be related but not the same.

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