What is derealisation.....is it the same thing as depersonalisation

could you enlightem me please

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Derealization is the experience of unreality or detachment from surroundings, while depersonalization is the experience of detachment from yourself. I hope this helps.


i am messing with both…

@mrjeremyfisher…ive experienced depersonalisation…and it is the same as you say, but derealisation I still do not understand. Are you saying derealisation is feeling that you don’t belong in the particular space or room or reality that youre experiencing

Just from my experience, it’s like saying the word “mouse” over and over again for 30 seconds. The way mouse sounds after that is the way that your surroundings feel when you experience derealization. It’s sort of dream-like. For example, my wife was cleaning the table and I just saw a square moving back and forth with no meaning, rather than her using a cloth to clean the table. Try saying mouse repeatedly for 30 seconds and see how it sounds afterward.


I’ve had both… but I think I have a problem with depersonalization more then derealisation.

I float out of body pretty easily sometimes. I hate that weird feeling.

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Depersonalization is when an arm seems artificial, I have this sometimes.

Derealzation is when people or news on telly seem fake or not real.

They are quite common(relatively speaking) and are actually an anxiety symptom. At least they are being debated a lot on anxiety forums.


I had both. I was derealized for a year. Derealization is when world around you and people, objects feel unreal. Depersonalization is when you cant feel yourself and when you look at your arms it feels like they are not yours. As someone here said its a symptom of anxiety.

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Mmmm I wouldn’t put it that way. I have it, and its hard to describe. Kind of feels like some flip got switched and everything around you is dreamlike

Here are deeper explanations:


it’s when nothing feels real. It is very closely related to depersonalization which is the sensation that oneself isn’t real. often times people who have one suffer from the other as well, including me.

whats the cure for these disorders? apart from meds.

I think maybe depersonalization is common with lotsa people,im in reality but I distance myself from the everyday mechanics of life in general.