Feeling unreal?

Hey guys as above, i have had schizophrenia since 1995, thats going on 26 years now, For the last few years i have been getting feelings of been unreal, it is like an out of body experience, like i am watching myself doing things, anyone relate?

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I can’t specifically relate but I do remember reading something about that being a symptom of schizophrenia in the book “Surviving Schizophrenia”.

Mine was triggered by stress, panic attacks, and anxiety. I don’t get those symptoms anymore. I’m 99% cured from Derealization. What you described is more DP/DR or just DP depersonalization the out of body thing and feeling unreal. I studied this stuff personally and both are frightening but I hated derealization more because I had it really bad and chronic for years. There is no known cure or treatment but caffeine, nicotine, and stuff makes it worse. There might be a simple solution or no solution. It comes along with the schizophrenia territory, I guess.

No evidence of trauma but I had it really bad for 10 years since 2010-2011.

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