Depressive agression


I’ve been reading a little here and there on the fourm recently and i’ve seen that our fellows seem to be going through a tough time, its firghtening to read some posts that hold so much anger, all i have to say on a good note is that, its summer time the heat is probably just getting to the minds of others.
Be Well


Some people get angry and offensive when their symptoms are worse. I for one get hypervigilant and cuss and judge people when I am not feeling quite well. Like since finals I have been a little funky and my doctors think that the sleep deprivation and other things basically screwed my head the wrong way and it will even out if I stay stress free this summer. This is not a bad price to pay for making all A’s as a full time student. Im pretty nonproductive in the summers, all I do is lift weights (I might compete in a weightlifting competition, I will have to see how I feel when it comes around in November) and hangout with friends and family. And be idle, like nap and watch movies and anime and crap for entire days.

But yeah back to the topic, people with more aggressive personalities get angry when they have symptoms. I used to think it was all real and that there was a chip in my head and everyone was against me and I would describe myself back then as irate.


I always notice a bit more short temper in summer. The pace is different, the kids are out of school, the structure of the rest of the year is not in place and it throws people.

Everyone from drivers to people everywhere seem a bit more out of sorts.


Thanks guys actually inspirational. Issues about structure (probably true)
and issues about grade’s the better the grade the less the stress.
and again, thanks guys
Be well