Depression V psychosis

depression is bad but psychotic is 10 times worse

Psychotic depression is pretty bad as well


Intense paranoia is hell but shorter duration to feeling depressed all time so hard to say which worse

like i said psychosis is ten time worse than depression

I would agree with you…but somehow I think that in the end it all depends on how individuals are handling with either one of them - some people can have only one psychotic episode ( I know a person) and get stabilized on meds…some people suffer from depression for years…and for a lifetime…

too me depression is in the frying pan ok? psychosis is into the fire…if you can catch my dift :violin:

Okay. Too me…illnesses are not something to compete with…


I have psychotic depression, it’s hell

But there’s hope…


I’ve had psychotic depression. I don’t have it anymore.

See my opening post at Does it Work to Do Nothing Meaningful?

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