Crippling Depression

How do you deal with depression? How can you make it go away?

I’ve had this depression for about 2 months now. I cry everyday for no apparent reason. When I was in hospital and the week prior to it I cried all day long. Pdoc put me on 50mg of Zoloft and Strattera to help with concentration, as part of the problem is I can’t concentrate on schoolwork and am so restless. I know exercise would help some but I find myself unable to leave the house because I’m scared of the world. I feel like I’m at wit’s end, I’m so miserable.

How do you guys cope with depression?

Not that I cope well, I just wanted to say you’re not alone in dealing with this crippling depression.
If you find any good ways to cope I’d be glad to hear them. But I don’t really have any to share yet.

I thought Strattera and Zoloft were antidepressants, but I might be wrong. .

Sounds like you need more help - with .the med. adjustments or some other kind from your Dr. If you take an antipsychotic,the inability to concentrate could be from that. Restlessness is a common med. side effect.

I play an active part in my medication management. I trust myself with that.

I take an antidepressant called Remeron (mirtazapine). It’s the best antidepressant I’ve ever been on.

And I read an incredible book called The Art of Happiness, written by The Dalai Lama and a psychiatrist. That book really transformed my depressed thoughts into positive thinking. I’ve been much happier ever since.

But it’s a constant state of vigilance to maintain positivity. It really takes work. But I’m sure you can do it :slight_smile:

Keep up the fighting spirit.




sorry you are having to go through that, i know how you feel.
i fill my days with small things that make me happy, like a good coffee, good food , a good comedy or a film or something that i enjoy.
the world may seem scary but it is an illusion. it is our minds playing tricks on us , or the media or films which get into our psche.
you are in control of your mind and body.
try also not to go for the high goal of happiness but the more achievable goal of contentment , it lies between sadness and happiness and is much more acheivable.
know that i care.
take care


I needed the kick start of good meds. I was so apathetic and motionless and depressed and panicked that I did nothing but my little part time job four hours a day and then hide in bed the other 20.

It was sort of a chicken and egg sort of deal. What came first, the glimmer of positive thinking that made me try a different med combo, or did the different med combo give me a glimmer of positive thinking that helped me stay med compliant?

When I was more compliant I had a drop energy for a bit of therapy which helped me out of the depression to stay more med compliant which helped me take the therapy more seriously… and finally I was in an upward spiral.

But I needed the kick start first. Thus far I’m thinking the Med kick start had to come first. Then it was my brain work taking over after that.

Now, the meds are slowly… very slowly working towards lower doses, the therapy has amped up bit and the hard work just keeps coming. But I’m more willing to accept help now. That also lets me see that people are on my side, which gives me some hope which helps in the upward spiral.

One step at a time my friend… one step at a time.

I try to cope by listening to upbeat music, like screamo, but I have a hard time with depression as well. Now I do workbooks on my issues like anger and self harm, and that sort of helps.

Thanks everyone for your comments. It kind of helps to see I’m not alone. I saw pdoc yesterday and he upped my zoloft to 200mg over the next week.

I used to complaint a lot about negative symptoms but I now take 15mg mirtazapine and it helps with depression,I did not even know I had depression in first place