Depression? Negative symptoms?

I went to counsellor at the hospital a couple of times and have been talking about my grief over losing so much ability to function.
She mentioned some depressive symptoms, I asked her if she thought I had clinical depression… she said it doesn’t seem that way, not a deoression, she said I had a ‘flat affect’.
Then later with my husband I was describing how much worse I feel with feeling overwhelmed and not wanting to do anything or be around anyone at all… he said he thinks I have depression.

but logically in no way do i feel depressed.

I don’t feel sad, just like I want to hibernate. The only significant emotion I feel is sad when I think about not wanting to be like this… having lost so much of myself.

How do you know the difference between worsening negative symptoms and depression?

I am not a pdoc but I would say if you’re not unhappy, then you’re not unhappy. I know I have been guilty (before I was MI) of thinking someone was depressed and needed ‘help’ if they just sat at home all day. That may be a symptom of depression for some but for others, that is just how they live and they are not unhappy. I think most pdocs see having a limited social life and being alone a lot as signs of depression. For me, personally, it is related to depression. I have been depressed. But for others, they may be just fine alone or with a limited social life. I would simply clarify that you are not unhappy and see what you’re pdoc says (and husband).

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Someone’s been peeking in on us again, quick, recheck the monitors, where am I?
Same place all day, all night, and in stereo…in bed.
I have zero motivation, zero want to get up, and zero my hero takes no prisoners. Go figure.
Maybe it’s the mold, plenty to go around. Maybe the coffee beans, a new flavor I found? Sheesh, got no idea, but the beds nice amd warm.

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I’ve had this same discussion with my support staff. From what I can tell you can have both. But they say I am depressed even though I don’t feel sad. For me I know I’m depressed when I feel suicidal. Your husband could be saying depression because that’s what negatives look like to non-sz. Trust your doctors they know best. :sunny:


I have the same symptoms and a diagnosis of depression, from what I know sadness isn’t strictly required for clinical depression.
But they also say that the early stage of psychosis is a ‘phase’ of depression.

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Yeah don’t know what’s wrong with me. Good and bad days but life is overall too hard. I have a couple of good days now and then. I need more help but in this system I get to see my doc only every 3 months. He is an excellent doctor. I am seeing a hospital counselor just to try to live with this.