Negative symptoms or depression?

How do you tell the difference? I don’t know what symptoms I have. I am lost in confusion.

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im flat most of the time

That sucks @karl I’m sorry. I don’t think I am flat most of the time, only sometimes.

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I don’t feel depressed. I feel tired and empty, like there’s nothing in me.

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I dont want to wake up in the morning. I thought its depression. But its not cause 30 mins into the day depression disappears. So now im thinking its a negative symptom. I can fight it. But if i go overbord fighting it i end up vomiting and passing out. I almost passed out twice from preassure.

It’s really hard to tell the difference between depression and negatives. Lately I read that you don’t have to be sad to be depressed. Google depression without sadness.

That’s really scary @anon62371846. I hope you will be okay.

Thanks @Om_Sadasiva. It’s weird that you don’t have to be sad to be depressed. I will look it up.

You may feel empty, they say, and have anhedonia. That’s also depression. Anhedonia is also a negative symptom

I have anhedonia at the moment
Dunno if it’s bcuz of depression or negative symptoms
Maybe both as I’m sza

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I usually have anhedonia but lately i enjoy music again.

I have a friend who has clinical depression. according to the mayo clinic its common for people with diabetes to have depression. So everything i tell him about how i’m feeling he uses the word depression. i found out it wasn’t it.

There’s a video on yt called ‘negative symptoms of Schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder’ by deschroma. I was introduced to this word avolition which is often confused with depression. She quotes a website that uses something called the 4 a’s.

avolition-lack of motivation, drive and ambition.
anhednia-lack of pleasure (specifically from things once enjoyed. like me for video games)
alogia- poverty of speech
affective flatting- lack of emotional expression.

me i have all of these and they seem to be getting worst. So i wouldn’t call it depression. But one thing she does say in the video is positive symptoms respond well to meds but not much we can do about the negative symptoms. for me i find that people misunderstand me a lot. being around people doesnt make me feel better. They tell jokes that i don’t laugh at but find funny and they ask am i okay…What has worked for me was listening to music or inspiring motivational speakers and eating better with diet.


I am schizoaffective and when i get depressed i often feel empty and blank without actual sadness. It tends to go away when i cycle out of the depression.

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I’m also schizoaffective. I’m just understanding what that really means. Like within the past few months I’m figuring out why I’ll go to church regularly and why I’m hype to do things. I guess that was a manic. Then I’ll get lows like people don’t like me or hate me and I want me be alone and my affact is worst. Sometimes I’ll get pumped about the idea of going to school. Then suddenly go into a depression like school is to hard or take to long and give up.

I feel better now that my mom’s home. There’s still just this emptiness inside me and I don’t know why.

I’m also still exhausted. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

When the negative symptoms lift and I look back over the years, I wonder if the negative symptoms are just a variant of depression. The question posed by this thread is important in finding better treatments for whatever we call it.

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