Depression is back, having dark thoughts

I was depressed for months this winter, it finally went away, but it has come back recently - I spend a lot of my time on the couch, sobbing.

Also been having dark thoughts and intrusive images of me cutting myself (wrists).

I had my Risperdal dose lowered a bit about a month ago - I do know that Risperdal has antidepressant properties, bet you that this could be the cause of my depression returning.

If I continue to have these dark thoughts and images, Im going to call my psychiatrist early next week.

The days are now getting longer and brighter a bit and I am feeling very low again - this sux!

Oh I’m sorry @Wave this sucks!

Hope it lifts soon.

Best of luck.

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Hi wave just know it will go away again.
When Younare in depression it’s hard to think you’ll get out of it but you will.
Do you have any professional help at all?

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Thanks @dandydinmot - I see a pdoc and therapist.

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Hang in there until you see ur therapistxxx

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Put on some bright colored clothing. I have on a bright orange turtle neck to combat the blues. It’s called the February blahs and it’s very common. So don’t feel alone. They made Valentine’s Day in February on purpose.



Sorry to hear you’re going through this… the dark months start to pile up on each other.

I hope this passes for you soon… good luck and hang in there

Wishing some sunlight reaches you soon.

Glad your going to see your doc soon.


I feel depressed too. It does suck! Hope you feel better soon!

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Sorry to hear this maybe try to do one nice thing for yourself today… I’ve been depressed this week too after a few good weeks. Been having health problems, feels like i’ll never be normal again.

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Maybe a short walk outside if the weather is nice would help raise your spirits and endorphins.

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