It seems like I have severe depression again

Today I slipped deeper into a depression which has increased over the last few days. Usually I have persistent but mild to moderate depression - but now it’s gotten worse. It was induced by stress from last week.

The last time I had stress it was in June and it induced hypomania but this time the depression came. The voices and inserted thoughts and intrusive thoughts come and go but the depression / negatives remain. I feel like an empty shell.

Am I relapsing? I don’t know. I did a depression test I regularly do and it said my depression has progressed from moderate to severe.

I wanted to phone my pdoc’s office this afternoon but it just rang. S**t. Now I have to wait till Monday to make appointment. I whatsapped him earlier in the day telling him everything I shared with you guys in previous threads recently, and he said I must come see him and we can discuss it.

Ive increased my lamotrigine from 150mg to 175mg and will increase it to 200mg in a week or two to see if it will help. By then I hope to see my pdoc.

Thank you for listening. I appreciate it. I know I’ve been “threading” a lot but I just wanted to chat about things…


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I hope the increase helps and that the depression lessens soon

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