Depression hits hard


I am battling a wicked amount of depression. I just want out. The doctor has me raising the latuda. When will it ever help? I am so tired of fighting this fight.


write a list for the things you are grateful for…
you have two beautiful children
put on some uplifting music
go for a walk in nature
go get a great coffee
watch a comedy
know some one cares.
big hug from darf bunny :rabbit: and smaller hug from darth bug :bug: ( he has very small arms ! )


know that it will pass, it may help to just accept it and just kinda go with the flow of the depression until it fizzles out
hope you feel better soon samples


Having children, I can’t just go with the flow, but, I agree, I wish I could.


Your a champion samples don’t give up now. Good days and bad days.


Sometimes I think, I wish I hadn’t caught it early. Maybe I needed the psychotic break. There is something in there that my brain just can’t handle.


Find something to work towards. Like a goal that you can notice clear progress in.

I want to be a spiritual therapist so I read a lot of spiritual and new age texts and observe people and things a lot.

Find something you can work towards. Embrace knowledge, beauty, life. I feel I get better every day lately even though I have my dry spells.


basics when your ill getting enough sleep eating healthly getting exersize speaking to other people. call your therapist it will go away.


I do all those things, religiously. Tell me why it doesn’t go away?


it just springs up on you and hit you doesn’t it like whoosh heres a truckload of pain when your in it you cant ever see feeling better but you will.


Depression can happen for no reason at all. There is no method to the madness. Keep that in mind


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thats true, i wish knew the answers,
i think samples is bipolar i remember reading a post by her about that , correct me if im wrong.

i get the cyclical depression / mania swings - for me the pattern is generally weekly or occasionaly monthly, but there also seems to be a baseline mood somewhere in there.


Samples–this is going to pass.
Look at your children-they are beautiful!
Maybe do a little cocooning if you have to until this passes.
Im thinking about your kiddos opening presents and Siths little caterpillar hugging you all OO


Schizo affective, bipolar type. You are correct. I agree @SnowyOwl1, I shouldn’t be depressed on the latuda. Maybe this raise will work. Sorry for triggering you.


Christmas is exciting. I get to go buy their presents on Friday!