Depressed cant keep up with my mom

today i did yard work and cleaned my pool with my mom

she did most of the work cause i just didnt have the energy

i feel guilty that i cant keep up with my 68yo mother

my mom is even sick she is bleeding somewhere inside yet she still has more energy than me

she goes for testing on the 7th hopefully she will not end up in the hospital

i dont know what i will do if i lose her

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My 75y.o. father is much more active and much healthier than me. Sz sucks.

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I am 32y.o. btw

sz really does sux
we should be taking care of our parents not the other way around


im 41yo !!!

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Yea my father got married very late.

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I know the feeling. I don’t see my mom much but I do talk to her on the phone every day. I also don’t want to lose my husband. I’d be so lost without him. My mom is 75 so I hope she lives to a very old age.


Idk what I will do after my parents die. I don’t have a partner I can count on either.


I hope your mum is ok with the bleeding and such :frowning: sounds horrible,

I care for my mum sometimes she is registered deaf/blind, she gets a lot of help though and luckily can see enough to get by doing dinner, keeping the house clean, tending to the cats tray, keeping 2 fish tanks,

she really is incredible for someone with very limited sight and hearing i am very proud of my mum but she can be a bit too demanding but its not as bad recentely,

she is 72 i think


The same here. I live in my own apartment, I don’t do anything except lie on the couch or bed.

I do pay my bills. I cook my own food but it takes so much effort. Also I don’t clean my apartment as I would want to.

Recently I have been very negative about things. I don’t know why?? I wish my attitude about things would change.


I think I am negative because of my very bad situation.


My dad died and my faith really helped me deal with that, there was a time when i was told i idolised my dad and i thought i wouldn’t survive without him.


Yes, I can relate. This illness drags one down.

My mom told me to decrease my meds (zyprexa) but I can’t.

Have you heard anything from the doctors? How’s the med change going??


I’m 41 too. I worry about my mom. I hope you’re mom gets to feeling better.

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ty @roxanna !!!

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My parents want me to decrease my meds too as meds make me disabled in bed.

No luck in changing meds, I can’t have a pdoc since Jan 2021 and maybe forever. I had a phone interview to assess if my symptoms require a pdoc, they said I have to wait until they call me if I am accepted and that usually takes over a year as there is a waiting list. They still didn’t call me, its been a month. Thanks for asking.


Fu-ck man. I’m sorry to hear that. I wonder what the hell psychiatrists are doing all day? Sz is a severe illness. They should prioritize us.

I waited for two years for my recent appointment. They asked me the same questions. “Does your voices tell you to hurt anyone?”, “Do you have suicidal thoughts?”, “Are you depressed?”. Then they prescribed me propranolol which I already had. They don’t want to prescribe benzos.


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