My mom is getting weaker

she is getting older and weaker and i love her and hate to see her “out of it” like she is.

she feels with her heart mostly and i love her for it.

its sad to watch. hugs, judy


All the best wishes for you and your Mother :heart:

Sorry to hear this @ifeelblessed. I hope things improve for you and your mum.

Hugs to you @ifeelblessed

I’m sorry, @ifeelblessed. It’s horrible to see a loved one deteriorate, and I think mothers are especially hard. I wish I had something encouraging to say, but all I’ve got are hugs.

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thanks for everything friends. i just hope she doesn’t go further downhill from here.

i have some help from caregivers so i am just a part time caregiver for my mom now.

i am going to try to feel positive and think positive about this situation at home.

cheers to you all. judy


I’m sorry. That must be so hard on you. :frowning: How old is your mom?

dear Judy, I am so sorry your mom isn’t well…I love you and hope you have a nice new year with your mom.

my mom is a few years off of 90. and i love you too jukebox and everyone here.

you guys too – have a happy prosperous wonderful new year. new beginnings are difficult but fun.



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