Deja vu feelings

Deja vu

Often when I listen music I get this deja vu feeling which takes me back in time to London and its Soho in 1987 when I visited many discos there with one of my ex-girlfriends. I liked London very much and I have visited there few times after 1987. Maybe my mind has been oriented toward all those old good days of my youth when I was just 19 years old and I spent all my money in my world travels. While I was a student in the end of the 1980s in Finland, I visited Paris, London and Moscow in one year, but I still was able to pass all my university course requirements. I must say that the university was one of the easiest places where I have been. Do you get these deja vu feelings?

that’s not deja vu, that’s called nostalgia. deja vu is a moment where u could almost swear u’d seen this exact moment in ur mind before it actually happened. nostalgia is fondly recalling time periods in ur life that were happy times. i get both. they r for the most part enjoyable, well the nostalgia is anyway lol

I get the deja vu feelings often, tonight in fact, while eating dinner. Doing the same thing,eating dinner on top the coffee table while watching TV in the exact same spot for the last 21years, although not every single night mind you.
And there it came, that sense of oddness that for just a moment this scene had played out before, as I looked at the dinner plate listening to my husband, and everything became all too familiar and gave me the shivers.

Deja Vu. Psychology: The illusion of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time.

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