Does this just happen to me

sometimes i get a deja vu feeling and like a wave of an almost fear like feeling and i know what is going to happen next as if i remember things happening and it is always accurate, only in my memory of the future/present it usually includes the voices coming back tho when it happens everything else i expected is right but the voices arent there.

its weird because i havent had many hallucinations for like the past year or two being on working meds and not smoking weed anymore. i dont know why i get flooded with this strange feeling often

I very rarely get deja vu. I remember I got a very strong deja vu episode in my 20s and I still remember it to this day. It almost made me question reality.

This happens to me a lot. Eventually I took data and realized that the deja vu feeling happened often, but I was only able to accurately predict like 10% of the time and it was always easy to predict things or just weird coincidences that were close enough but not exact. I only remembered myself as having been able to predict things because occasionally, by pure coincidence, it happened. Confirmation bias was causing me to pay attention to those rare times, and forget about all my erroneous predictions.

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