Sometimes I have different feelings, deja vu

For example when I am in a bus, I sometimes get a deja vu feeling that I am in Leningrad … traveling in a bus …

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I wonder about those Deja vu’s…I get these feeling sometime that can quote whole conversations beteween me and others, me knowing exactly what to say as if pre-programed by a script out there I’ve yet to read.
Made me laugh when this happened between my mom and I over a purse that wasn’t mine, she didn’t know why I was laughing.

I get deja vu a lot; like things in the future seem like things I’ve experienced before.

then again, I spend a lot of time at home lol

Deja vu may be just an environment that causes a memory to having been in a similar environment.

I have to admit it’s a strange experience.


I had deja vu and amnesia at the same time. I didn’t know if I was coming or going.


When I mentioned Deja vu to my shrink, he wanted to put me on an epilepsy medication. That was years ago.


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