Definition of psychosis?

My definitions of psychosis are:

  1. Not knowing the Truth

  2. not knowing your likes or dislikes

  3. not being yourself

What is your definition of psychosis?

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I like to keep things simple.

I also hated it when I was unable to think the word ‘I’ which you kinda use a lot.

Psychosis is many things for me.
Im not gonna list them.

Delusions of grandeur and reference, erotomania and with pseudo-hallucinations and some negatives.

Psychotic IMO is when Your psychic equilibrium is all messed up

For me, psychosis is distorted perception. This can take many forms: paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, ideas of reference, illusions, “sensory overload”, grandeur, thought broadcasting and thought insertions, etc…


Psychosis is when you’re practically dreaming while awake.


Psychosis is like wearing a hat full of ■■■■

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Detachment from reality.


Stuck in a dreamlike alternate reality

Yes @everhopeful this is how I’d describe psychosis as well.
I was living in a nightmare while being fully awake!


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