Delusion is psychosis ? confused

i am confused, from what i read, and i read a lot, delusion its a psychotic state
its or a hallucinations, delusions, or non organised stat they all from what i read, psychosis, and than came a one on Facebook, he is learning neurology of the brain, and tel me, it is not a full psychosis,
i am so confused
any one?

A delusion is “just” a false belief that the majority of people don’t have.

From google:

A delusion is a false belief or impression that is firmly held even though it’s contradicted by reality and what is commonly considered true

Here’s an article that describes psychosis

thats what i know and read, but he told my that it is not trough,

Hes probably wrong

he is a student of brain neurology, maybe we are wrong, or maybe thats a minor different that no one think need to be told?

Delusions are a part of psychosis unless he has a different definition of psychosis


He is wrong delusions are part of psychosis.

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To me psychosis is full disassociation. I’m always hearing voices on and off, but I don’t consider myself psychotic. I’ve got a good grip on reality. I just filter the voices out.


Definition of psychosis accordingly to ResearchGate:

Psychosis means abnormal condition of the mind, and is a generic psychiatric term for a mental state often described as involving a “loss of contact with reality”.



you can filter but did you believe to your self? any how i find it more hard to filter delusion then voices.
cous i can see if there is no one speaking, but i cant control or understand if what i know or feel or think is trough

Maybe delusions can be perceived as a mild psychosis?

I can see myself being delusional on a daily basis, and I notice all the corrupted information flow that’s coming in my brain, but I don’t always freak out.

But I also have different days where I’m in full blown psychosis. And I cannot function properly.

I don’t really understand these things.

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Delusions are enough for psychosis to be present, but there is no hard definition or cutoff for either psychosis, or delusions, or hallucinations. Psychosis can be milder as well as more serious.


a very correct answer, thanks.
thats what my shrink told my, it is very flexible because it about the brain, the most complex and of all and from man to man-

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Neurologists dont necessarily know Jack about psychology. Especially a student of neurology.

I am a neuroscience major and the amount of psychology they covered in our courses was very minimal.

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This woman talks about 5 types of psychosis and delusions are one of them:

It’s important to understand that’s psychosis doesn’t mean schizophrenia.

Edit: accordingly to DSM-V, you need to have positive and/or negative symptoms continuosly for 6 months at least in order to be diagnosed with schizophrenia.

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For me it’s when I’m in a state that’s so bad, I’m not making sense to anybody around me. That was what it was like when I was delusional, I’ve had one episode of psychosis after regaining insight, and it was a huge wave of dissociation coupled with super-powerful hallucinations. It lasted a couple of hours and I was on the floor and begging for help, a family member drove over and sat with me for a couple hours while I recovered from it. I remember talking myself through it assuring myself it was temporary.

I guess it doesn’t have a strict definition, but I feel like I know it when I see it, or at the very least when I experience it.

oh i like her, i know allready all these answers, its what he say made my confused

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