What is Psychosis?


i am still confused between psychosis and positive symptoms …???

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The question;
What is psychosis ?
They answer" psychosis occurs when your mind can’t distinguish between what’s real and what isn’t " !!

simply,whether if they using the term “psychosis” instead to the term schizophrenia
OR using the term psychosis as a whole condition (general frame ) containing the hallucination as a part of it

In any cases,they have not clear answer about (what is sz or what is psychosis ??
Just they tell a long story about what is happens after the occurrence of sz or/ psychosis (the reaction output of its impact on the thought,emotion and behavioral responses)
They tell a story about what is after the psychosis, not before or during the mechanism of occurrence

For many reasons,we think that their answer is useless words that taste far from the reality of the health condition that they call it schizophrenia /psychosis

They talking only about a group of a diagnostic symptoms ,without saying any statement about the nature of the health condition be called schizophrenia or psychosis or the root condition of psychotic disorder

Even, changing of the term’s names does not work !

In simple terms psychosis is positive symptoms without insight. Normally when one get positive symptom the individual knows that its false but when the individual lacks insight of it then it becomes psychosis.


What is psychosis?
They said "psychosis occurs when your mind can’t distinguish between what’s real and what isn’t "

This statement is misleading data ,Why ?
Because,the first step is the appearance of the Psychotic Factor suddenly in the age of youth within the time /place of the conscious mind and personal emotion theater ,and makes a mutual bilateral communication with both

Second step,the psychotic factor has going to impact on each higher mental process and each emotional feeling ,aiming to changing the data’s concept of any self-thought or feeling to make both of them far from the personal reality and general ( they become outside the service ),therefore the conscious mind can’t distinguish between what’s real and what isn’t from alternated data’s concept !

  • each single self-idea becomes mistakenly from all aspects of views ,so that the thinker mind has loses his main function (producing the content of the fit behavioral response)

As we say, the psychotic factor is precedes the cognitive change ontologically and causing it functionally
In principle,if any human being has loses the ability to distinguish between what is real or what is not real, he will not suffer from psychosis or/ schizophrenia or hallucination ,rather he suffers from believing with a delusional data (unusual belief ) ,no feed to medication but to learning

In the other side,if the man has going under the impact of the psychotic factor,he will lose the ability to understand the reality of the world of things mentally , emotional and his behavior responses becomes outside the objective wrong /right all time of wakefulness day by day,week by week …etc for unknown period of time ,he needs medication ,psychological treatment and social care !

As you see, I explain the mechanism of the effectiveness of psychotic factor ,it the things that you call it the hallucination

They Said ;
1-" Psychosis may cause you to feel,taste,smell,hear or touch things that aren’t there "
2- Considers psychosis a symptom of a mental condition,not a diagnosis itself.

The first statement related their knowledge about the characteristics of things which they call it Hallucination OR the specific description of a Single symptom be called Hallucination
To say,the hallucination is a positive symptom,this is a misleading knowledge

The correctness:
The human being will feels,hears,sees,touches the existential features (the manifestations of existence ) of the psychotic factor suddenly in the age of youth as a received perception messages within his conscious mind and current emotional theater (you call these a perceptual experiences !)

this makes the human being feels that, he feels,perceives and senses the existence of a stranger self of a person (s) internally, and it seems to his perception as if it was expanded around him in the external environment or in any where/ time !
Through out these characteristics,they make a channel of mutual bilateral connection (communication channel in 2 ways) between the psychotic factor and the self of the human host ,so that the psychotic factor (H) has becomes a living part from the self of the human host

  • (( this linkage makes a mutational change in the basic psychological structure
    of the human host without rooting from the genetic material))

Therefore through out this connection , any one of both will feel the existence of the other all period time of wakefulness or life ,day by day to unknown time !
,but the psychotic factor (H) have a living constant independent existence (independent structure) while it is not rooted at all from the human self itself or the genetic material

It means in the higher truth that:
the psychotic factor forms a new whole psychological entity (s) ,have all ability to using the self-knowledge data
and the mental functions of the host to achieve his parasitic / malicious aims in the human host ,so it is very easy to describe the schizophrenia condition as a higher parasitic health condition which represented in the living characteristics of things that you call it Hallucination

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I disagree with that definition. I had psychosis but I could always distinguish between what was real and what was a hallucination. I always knew who I was, where I was, what was going on. Just on top of that I had hallucinations and delusions about those hallucinations.

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Im not sure you can tell someone what’s real and what’s not. Just playing devil’s advocate here. If consciousness is a subjective personal experience then how can anyone outside of me tell me that this isn’t real/? I know that psychosis is a symptom of a complex spectrum of pathologies, behavioral pathologies and bias, a freyed society and a lack of places to express our hidden desires, we abstractify everything, that’s all it matters, doesn’t. It’s complicated but not, like—one minute Im delusional that if I go out to the casino I’ll hit the jackpot, and I have the freaking receipts. I have the evidence, I have the documents, I have wells fargo claims, I have proof of telepathy, I have proof of altered dimensions and status quo.

But duhhh at some point u gotta give up the ghost…and come back to planet earth.

I choose to live my “psychotic” experiences, I choose to live in a reality where someone who has a panacea of pills can’t distinguish between me and a paycheck.

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What is the meaning of the word “hallucination(s)” in the English language ?
What is the root of this word in the English ?
What do you mean when you say "I hallucinate " ?

How you can understanding any meaning,concept and connotation of the things which be called by the word “hallucination” ?

If you please,I do not need any explanation to the word “hallucination”,just i asking about the linguistic meaning

Psychosis is pure sh!t

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But it’s so much more than that.

Understanding the health condition be called schizophrenia while it is in actual reality is the living existentialism phenomena which be called hallucination

When you say ,the psychosis occurs when your mind cannot distinguish between what is real or unreal,this means in practice that ,you make decisions without mind ,whereas in the absence of mind every real or/ unreal has becomes the same due to untreated the data of things mentally ,something like what is happens during the dream events !
The issue is not like that from all aspects of views

To understand what is going on
Every human being is created while he has the complete freedom to Believe or not Believe whatever he wants (regardless the content of reality or unreality)

The options including
1-Believe what is real and do not believe what is not real
2-He can believe not what is real,and believes what is unreal-if he so desires
3-he does not care at all to believe what is real or what is unreal

Internally,there is only man himself alone,as there is no other partner who shares the man’s belief or disbelief

Each person makes a decision alone and choose what he wants ,believe or denies what he wants without participation (intervention) of anyone.
No one (internally) dictates his will over the will of the person

Now,we come to the problem of problems that are not clearly understood rationally and are interpreted at random

When the sz occurs,and the person falls under the impact of the psychotic factor ( it means the things that you calls it hallucination)

The person loses the management /direction of his inherited freedom of will,due to the emergence of an internal malicious partner (P.F or hallucination),
who has always a contrary opinion, extremist guidance and illusory goals that causing a fatal risks if the person takes them into his consideration and is led by them

In other words, the person loses his psychological oneness throughout the waking hours that he lives

The violating partner (hall.) can give an extremist opinion (comment) in the lowest perceptible time ( a fraction of a second,a second or 3 seconds) and repeat it in a coherent manner between the current opinion and the next to the extent that there is no silent period of time

In the end,the person does not find a period of time available to make decision on his own without the intervention of the psychotic factor

Therefore,in the first month of sz,often the person makes his own fateful decisions from within the dictates of the psychotic partner,which can reach hundreds of extremist commons per hour !

The person has not a chance to distinguish between anything by his own will whether it is real or unreal ,due to he can not make contact between himself will and the mental data in order to make the decision or practices the freedom of rationality without the malicious intervention of psychotic partner

They said" psychosis occurs when your mind can’t distinguish between what’s real and what isn’t "

Real and Unreal
Is just a diagnostic criteria, it is supposed to measure the degree of disparity of which the rationality of responses varies about stander criteria ( which the external monitor placed it on his own responsibility to distinguish between the natural people without sz and people with sz ) !!

Regard with the external viewer,the term (real / unreal) is like litmus paper that
is used to measure acidity and basicity (Rationality / madness)

So that, the External Observer uses the term real /unreal until his mind can distinguish between the words /thoughts of a person with sz,and the words /thoughts of another without sz !

And according to his personal measurement stander, it seems to him that,all the words /thoughts of a person without sz are understood and categorized within the frame of what is real ,but the objective error is a possibility

While all words /thoughts of a person with sz are understood and classified outside the frame of what is real ,and the objective right and wrong are not contained in words /thoughts !

They seem to external observer like a fabric whose threads is formed from delusions,illusions,myths and unrealistic fantasies that crab all the person’s attention most of time and driven by angry extremist feeling without actual events that justify them

Simply,the diagnostic term of Real /Unreal has been inserted by the external viewer into the
internal logic of the sz condition without necessity,because the only function of the term real /unreal is to use it as a diagnostic tool to make the mind of the external viewer be able to distinguish between a person with sz and another without sz

Do you understand what we said ?