Decision to stop taking medication

I really did think hard about this. I have been on many different medications, and I have noticed the medication did not have any positive effects for my situation with schizophrenia, just negative symptoms from taking them. I think back to the days when I was psychotic, and understand even with my delusional thought process, I was in a better place then having this false grip on reality. Now my delusions are fear based, and I understand my perception and view on reality is still distorted. I have the decision to start clozaril and I have decided not too.

My situation is more complex, I have a brain injury. It was a drug induced psychosis with schizophrenia like symptoms. Using medication to change the brain chemistry is more complicated, many factors come in to play.

I don’t agree with your decision, but I am not you and do not have exactly what you have. I wish you all the best and success on your decision to go off meds

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what meds have you been on yet? instead going to delusional state try to find what imaginations saves you and makes you feel better while on meds, with meds you have the chance to choose what to imagine or what not to imagine, you have the chance to restructure yourself but without meds, delusions takes you over and you will not have the chance to choose them but they will choose you, you should build reality by thinking and reading about different matters of life, don’t be worry imagination and delusions are not so different so you will not loose anything except one of them saves you and another kills you.

Why do you think that by taking medications that help reduce delusional thinking - that you have a “false grip on reality”. Why do you think medicine that helps you think more accurately is somehow “false”?

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@SzAdmin My thinking process has changed, where I am not controlled by delusions. I am still delusional, these delusions mostly being associated with scrupolicity, have caused me great grief. I still live in a altered state of consciousness, and when I was delusional this false sense of reality was less of a burden.

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I wish I could do that but at the back of my mind I know what would happened and that thought scares me.

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Is there anything else your doctor could suggest?

Yep. I’m highly psychic and intuitive without medication in my system. I’m also better at bejeweled. I prefer being off medication, even though it changes my emotional state.

My dad’s freaking out because he knows I’ve been going off the medication for over a week because I am intimidated and the psychiatrist has turned me away, wont return phone calls to me or my dad, and hasn’t increased the dosage back to its normal dose. So I’m low on medication if I take 30 mgs which I’m used to. If I take 15mgs I just confused. If I take none I feel great but eventually would spiral out of control and get manic and defensive. I don’t feel right lately.

I took the medication last night, and I feel much more calm and rational today but I dont feel quite normal because I’ve been really upset that I can’t make appointments, I went to 2 or 3 walk ins and they only registered 1. I also called and left a voicemail because they were closed when I was unable to make an appointment and I also called the front desk the day of. The missed appointments were due to blizzards and snow. I couldn’t go because our roads werent even plowed and they counted the 2 missed appointments as no shows.

i think its personal choice wether to take meds or not they are not cure alls and free will i agree with on this matter however ive tried and it was awful and i feel stuck on them now. i wish you luck with itxxxx

i am scared to death to go off my meds for whatever that’s worth to you who read this. I am just one person, only, I think it gives me a certain security from the ravages of this horrendous disease of sz and saves me from psychotic episodes.

maybe this is true for most people. I believe it is.

good luck to all of us with sz. love ya, judy

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Well, it’s time. Finally I have decided to go off all medication. Any input appreciated. A little history on my meds, I can’t remember all of them but have been on countless sleeping pills, Risperdal shots,zoloft, zanax, abilify and throw in an antidepressant here and there. It’s been fun, but time to pack it in.

The reason I am doing this is mostly for my health, although relapse may be on the way, I see no reason to get back on the mad-merry-go-round. It’s been ten years since I first started and have been on abilify for a few of them and recently got a bad case of the stomach flu and sort of quit them all as I couldn’t eat and hold anything down for a week. I do not recommend a cold turkey from meds at all, but in this case it couldn’t be helped. I have read that for some people there is about a 7 year marker in where you just don’t get the help from the meds that you used to and 10+ years on anti-psychotics are considered not so helpful at all. What do all of you think?

Anyway, I did start taking them again after the flu, but now, the more I read and think about it and study it, the more sense it makes to me to completely quit at this point in my medical history and just get used to being- if not a little bit different. I totally look forward to it and am not afraid of the future. I think it’s safe to say that I have had quite heavy, but until soon, treated symptoms with the meds but I actually do picture myself quite healthy after tapering off them. Good luck to anyone thinking about going off meds and consult your doctor :smiley:

Will keep you guys posted.

Best of luck, God’s speed good sir, hope it works out for you!

Last time i didn’t have meds, and this wasn’t even by choice, they came fairly quick. Some light in my kitchen showed up, the light should not have been there at all and was acting strangely, i went outside to get away from it and my neighbour’s tree was waving around and flashing, i went closer and looked at our tree, it was a big tree and there was a gigantic freaking serpent covering the whole thing, it was made of light like an animation, it just stared at me very pissed off.

I hope it works out for you, but if i don’t take them they will kill me.

And i aint no shaman, im like annelise, annelise tweren’t no shaman and she ended up dying weighing sixty pounds, i gotta take the drugs although me no wants to.

be careful. the only thing probably keeping me out of the hospital nowadays is my meds. best of luck to you though as it certainly doesn’t benefit everyone.

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