Why is it necessary to take medications? can't we live with delusions?

What worse can happen if we stop taking medications. Can’t we live with delusions? High dopamine feels great.


me, personally during an episode, I make a lot of decisions… I can highly function but my reasoning gets messed up. My IQ also drops down… I can not function without meds


Well I get a whole array of symptoms without meds

It’s an auto hospitalization for me

It’s just a matter of how many weeks…I mean days…it takes


Well it depends on the person. For me a life without medication is hallucinating things people say for example, believing I’m a diety and seeing demons, the devil visiting me in my dreams, stealing my imagination and my thoughts, thinking people can read my thoughts and that I can read theirs, thinking I’m psychic and can foresee the future. Thinking people are out to get me, that the demons want to make it so I commit suicide, believing that I’m dead and this is the afterlife, … and so on. No thank you.


I’m not on meds, but I’ve also never been hospitalized. If I ever break to the point of having to be hospitalized, I will go on meds immediately. I also function on a level that may be lower than some on here in recovery. If you’ve had a break enough to be hospitalized, in my opinion, or just need to get the voices out of your way, then meds seem to be the way to go. If you’re already on a regimen that is working and helping you, then taking a step backwards into the disease is not the right choice.


If I stopped them then this one guy in a white coat will show up at my door and put me in restraints. The only person I’ve ever threatened with violence…this guy is so mean. I told my mom “if I ever get psychotic again and you call Jeff I would do bad things to him”…she knows if I ever became psychotic to not call Jeff. Man was he mean. He needs a different job. Bad guy. Fortunately haven’t seen Jeff in three years

@Hedgehog .a schizo patient never knows he is getting worse. How do you handle delusions?

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I’d be walking down the freeway stark naked and yelling at the cameras in the sky if it wasn’t for my meds.

There’s no question I’m a ‘lifer’ on medication.


Well, I lose friends! But, I’m learning to check myself/my perceptions by asking other people what they think. I try to get a consensus when I can. Larger delusions, if they are delusions, are intertwined with my religious beliefs and go unnoticed for the most part. What delusions are you struggling with?

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Right now i dnt have any delusion. At first episode i had delusion like i am very hot every women wants to sleep with me like that. But i was a great feeling. My libido was so high like i took a Viagra.i was very motivated. I crave for those days. How about your negative symptoms?

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That sounds like mania

What med are you on

Maybe try lithium

I used to think I was hot too then I realized women aren’t so shallow and I wasn’t so attractive

Now I just wow em with my fantastic charming and outgoing personality :wink:

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Umm i also thought my ex is meeting my family members. Am i correctly diagnosed with Schizophrenia i wonder?

I can live with my delusions, but if I am not on meds I can’t live with negative symptoms and agitation which leads to self harm. The voices are pretty accusing too.


Damn that sounds so good, all I got was enjoying music at a personal level.

I think a lot of men have that delusion! I keep a lot of secrets so as not to let anything about myself negatively effect anyone around me. That comes with a price. I’m exhausted, and to be honest, I don’t know how much longer I can maintain… The negative symptoms have isolated me, made me drop out of school and kept me from having fun (seriously). So, even though I raised a son, have worked all of my adult life, and am married now, it’s a half-life in a lot of ways. Not killing myself is a huge accomplishment for me. I wish I could be more inspiring for you. I think I’m having a hard day. I will say though, @raghu, that you will make it. You ask all the right questions and you’re obviously actively seeking recovery.


I don’t like the tone of your original post. Schizophrenics need meds, otherwise I don’t believe you’re schizophrenic.

The worse case being off meds is being DEAD dead dead got it? or in jail to long term aka never seeing the light of day again, or well in hospital never seeing the light of day again. If i did not have my meds i would be dead and i know it, form self harming vocies telling to kill myself and oh thats sound like a good idea! in one of my worse breaks i was running around half nude screaming with trying to cut my own arm off thankful the cops here are mental health trained! or i could of been shot.
to thinking that everything everyone is saying is about me and everyone is planing to put me in jail all the time everything that covers the dog looking at me like he is in on this plan.

With meds and group cbt etc i am myself i can work on dealing and coping with all the things that been done to me i can build a life like school with out them i never be able to walk on campus let go to class and help out there

Like with out meds i could see a cup not put away i would end up screaming throwing it or hurting myself, now im like “lazy!” and just put it away see the different meds make for a lot of us

Sounds like hyper-sexual mania
maybe get your pdoc or whatever doctor you have to re check your diagnosis?

Do whatever you want.

If your not managing or it is not benefiting your life then you should re-think about what you are doing.


This is from www.schizophrenia.com/family/sz.overview.htm: “The large majority of people with sz show substantial improvement when treated with AP drugs. Some patients, however, are not helped very much by the meds and A FEW DO NOT SEEM TO NEED THEM. It is difficult to predict which patients will fall into these two groups and to distinguish them from the large majority of patients who do benefit from treatment.”