Sigh still in denial!

I can’t shake this thought. This thought that says I don’t have schizophrenia. In April 2010 when I last got Ill I knew something was up so I took myself to a pro. But even though I know some part of me won’t accept it. I want to go off meds once again. I know it’s risky but come on it’s been over 5years now. I guess I just want someone to tell me I don’t have it but I guess that’s not the answer I’m gonna get.

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If you do it right it might work. It would take at least 6 months maybe a year to slowly drop your dose. I’d consult a doctor on this for sure.

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I’m 5 for 5 in the crash department when going off of my medication…

I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll probably have to be on them for the rest of my life. I believe I can make it on a low dose however…I just need a little ‘system tweak’…like taking an aspirin a day or something like that.


The way I accepted it was by coming off meds. You’ve tried coming off meds, and it didn’t work to convince you. So I don’t know what to say. I’d love to think that you didn’t need meds. But it just sounds like you’re an incredibly highly functioning person with schizophrenia (or schizoaffective?)

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It didn’t all it did wAs make me irritable and I put that down to withdrawals.

Yup I’m 5-5 for going Back to the mental hospital after stopping medication. That makes six psych ward visits. Sometimes I don’t think I’m the worst SZ…I’m actually schizo-affective diagnosed for that matter anyways, but I do know if I’m off my meds I end up in the hospital. I’m very fortunate that the meds work so well for me though. But off them I’m as big a mess as anyone. That I’ve learned from this board…I feel for the people who still hear voices on their meds. I’m very lucky that I don’t. Life is good. Thank God for the meds that work. I pray everyone finds meds that work. Helps both my mood and my psychosis. I don’t see the big deal about being SZ and being on meds…there’s nothing to be in denial about. Because I’m not much different from everyone else aside from maybe being a little more sensitive, neurotic and disorganized…idk.


Try 5 htp its a serotonin supplement. Its good at reducing stress and curbing anger and anxiety.

Pretty cheap. Better than a caffeine filled aspirin.


Unfortunately szadmin posted something about how it can (5htp) make psychosis worse. So buyer beware.

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I wanted to get off med too, but I had a relapse before I did that and I went through hell. Just having my sanity means so much to me that I wouldn’t risk going off meds at all. Why does it bother you to stay on meds? I’m so over the denial period.


I found the worst one is when you hit mania and a great scene of just out growing the past, the illness etc. Thinking this is the next chapter of your life. In my case it came with a 3 month involuntary hospital stay. Which helped to put it into perspective. Was when I committed to therapy also.


I’m sorry @Ish

I know its’ wearing… there are days I would love it if I could look in the mirror and know I never needed meds again… I never needed therapy again… and this was all just a bad side trip in my life…

But every time I have quit my meds… I’ve ended up in pretty bad shape.

The sneaky brain loves to mess with us… and as we feel better… it’s easy to convince ourselves we’re not sick.

IT’s not just Mental Illness… my Dad… a very smart man… has a hard time taking his heart pills… when he feels great… he can’t justify needing them… not realizing that taking them… helps his heart… and that’s why he’s feeling better.

The mind has a brain of it’s own it seems.

I hope you feel better soon… be kind to yourself… good luck. :v:


They screwed with my mind and then it was called schizophrenia.

I know im not a schizophrenic as far as the definition of that goes. My mind does have problems though, it was they who caused it and they even showed me.

Did you know you can make someone your slave? You just put in their minds, you can make a person do just about anything at all.

But, in @Ish 's case, more likely not. Please. Let’s not suggest ideas that fit in our delusional hopes and dreams to others having similar problems. If one has sz, they have sz. And they will have to be medicated.

It’s her desire to find out.

Or is it yours to believe in fairy tales? Look. I have a lot of empathy and compassion for sz pts who find the sfx of their meds to be irritating. But are those who are obviously caught in the delusions sz produces actually going to get better by going off of them… especially if they are unwilling or unable to do the CBTs and other therapies that might help them become less delusional?

Are we projecting our own delusions onto others? I think that’s worth considering.

I told her to talk with a doctor. That’s who the ultimate judge should be.

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Hey, Ish, I would swear that you went off meds at least twice in the past year and it didn’t work out. Am I wrong?

But I did not go psychotic despite that.

For me, it’s hard to tell if I’m psychotic. I don’t know if I am always psychotic. I don’t know where psychosis begins or ends. I do know that I am a lot better than I was when I was younger. If you go off meds just be aware that you may relapse and ask people around you to tell you if they see any changes in you that might signal that you are relapsing. Good luck.

Depends on the doctor, of course. But I support you in doing so, and offer an apology for missing that.

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