Deciding what diagnosis to accept (schizoaffective or paranoid schizophrenia)

Four years ago I was working in a hospital as an administrator where I had my initial break. I think it started around Jan 10 and I went to see someone in the beginning of April 10.

I realised something was wrong. It started with odd behaviors and depression which then led to psychosis. I knew not a thing about psychosis or schizophrenia. But I decided to see someone at occupational health about it. I wanted counseling because I was obviously very misrable and crying everyday at work.

The occupational health therapist referred me to the hospital psychiatrist (where I worked ). I saw them about twice in three weeks.

They referred me to my local brief treatment team who treated the psychosis. I was not hospitalised or sectioned so they did not see me through the whole episode.

Then i was finally referred to early intervention where my psychiatrist diagnosed me with undidfferentiated schiz.

I wanted a second opinion so i went to see another psychosis and mood disorder specialist privately and he said schizoaffective bipolar type,.

Unfortunately i only could afford to see him the once so I went back to early intervention where my diagnosis changed to paranoid schiz eventally even though I have not had another psychosis or paranoid thoughts in all those years.

The correctness onset of the whole case " psychosis led to odd behaviors causing depression"
Truism,it must be occurrence of mental processes followed by behaviors actions ,wherever the
psychosis in itself is a group of a new nature of mental operations
-the original case “inner case” is:
the symptoms that so-called hallucinations or psychosis
-psychosis or hallucination in themselves are higher psychological organism non-human

-the word “schizo-phrenia” refers to the result of psychosis impacts on the higher cognitive function

*the word “schizophrenia” does not refer to the whole case “original case” ,it is a word refer to the results “reactions” and do not refer to the actual action “psychosis”
-the word “schizophrenia” refers to divorce case between the brain and mind,wherever the psychosis
processes causing cut off,deactivate the inner communication between subconscious and consciousness

the important of diagnostic process is in the first 48 hours of sz onset, for sake the medical intervention,and after years the diagnosis is for sake the debates or wordy dialectic,have no effect

I’d say call your self what ever you want. If saying your schizoaffective gets you through today and then saying your paranoid schizophrenia gets you through tomorrow, go for it.

In some shirts I’m a medium long. In other shirts I’m a large. It doesn’t really matter what the label says as long as the shirt covers me. No matter what the label, I still need a shirt.

Some days I’m schizoaffective, some days I’m undifferentiated Sz, other days I’m too tired to care. But as along as my meds work, call me anything you want…


A diagnosis is for doctors and filing cabinets. Concentrate on your symptoms and how to improve your life.


Hmmm. Yes i completely agree. Treat the symptoms first. But what if you feel you have symptoms of depression or bipolar but you are diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and the dr is refusing to treat those symptoms. Like I have an issue with my spending and it feels out of control but the doc won’t do anything about it because she feels its a symptom of schiz but I feel it could be a symptom of bipolar and i want to be treated for it.

I think you said that very nicely and directly. Have you been this direct with your doc? If your doc won’t treat you, are you able to get to a different doc who will listen to you?

You have every right to go to someone who will help you fully rather then dismiss what your going through.

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i’ve tried to speak to them before. Early intervention said I was fine discharged me back to my GP. Then i had to go back to see another pdoc because early intervention stop seeing you after three years. Unfortunately they had my notes and went by what the early intervention doc said. So now I have to wait until I am in debt until they will do something about it.

I do not have a psychiatrist btw anymore. i only see them from now on if i have another psychosis. My GP deals with my case.

I wish there was a way you could tell them… “hey, if you don’t help me soon with this money spending symptom, I won’t be able to pay the bill you send me.”

I know it’s hard and this might not be an option and please… no offense meant, but have you looked into a money councilor or a life coach to maybe just get some ideas for money handling?

I am Horrid with money. I forget about it and I spent it foolishly on delusions and I never know how much i have. But my sis is taking me to classes put on by a community center about how to read a bank statement and budget and use a checkin account and fight the spending urge. Just an idea… again, no offense meant…

I’ve heard that a case worker or a day nurse might also help with this sort of stuff. But I haven’t had a visiting nurse in so long I don’t really remember what they did then and what they are allowed to do now.

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No offence taken :slight_smile: you are right. I have started to transfer most my money earned into my dads bank account so I only have a few hundred in there at a time.

My son is currently transitioning from an early intervention program into another program. Well he is going to give them a chance. When they discharged you from the early intervention they should have given you information for another program unless one doesn’t exist where you live or they felt that you didn’t need it. Maybe getting a psychiatrist is not a bad idea. GP’s are general practitioners so I interpret that as having general knowledge of most things but not specialized knowledge in any given field. He may not have enough understanding of what you are going through to respond as you need him to.


I had actually been discharged to my GP but I asked for a re-referral to another program but they do not see you often. The pdoc said chances are il never see you again. She went by the notes of the old pdoc.

It’s not really a matter of nailing down a diagnosis; this is what my very experienced doctors told me. They stress treatment of symptoms, and the same drugs are used to treat almost all forms of psychotic symptoms. There is the difference that a mood stabilizer like lithium may be needed for bipolar disorder, but antipsychotics teat undifferentiated and paranoid schizophrenia. Some people take an antipsychotic and a mood stabilizer.

I had to know what was wrong with me, so I had a formal evaluation a year ago. I came out with a severe case of paranoid schizophrenia and a high level of trauma. The trauma score was almost as high as my score for paranoid schizophrenia.

I think letting your PSYCHIATRIST know ALL OF YOUR SYMPTOMS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. They are the ones who will write scripts and end up fixing you, and they know what to give you if you let them know whats wrong with you. My psychiatrist didnt even care about my diagnosis, he just treated my symptoms, that’s how psychiatry works. He just flipped to the pages to my pathological level scores on the report of my evaluation. Also let them know every drug you ingest, even vitamins and a beer at night. They need to know everything about what’s affecting your brain. They treat symptoms, they don’t waste time on anything else.

Talk therapy stresses diagnosis and awareness of your illness. My psychologist even says that I might have generalized anxiety disorder with psychotic features, but he has seen me on antipsychotics, so his view is not too accurate. I have no doubt in my mind that I have paranoid schizophrenia. I also have generalized anxiety disorder. I am treated for both and the results have been fantastic.

It’s your job to complain about symptoms to your psychiatrist. Or, you could complain about symptoms to your psychologist and sign a release form so that your psychologist and psychiatrist can discuss your case. I let them each know about my symptoms and sign release forms to make sure they work together and both know exactly what is wrong with me.

The difference between psychology and psychiatry is enormous and we patients should know about it.

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It helps if you have Bipolar type or any mood problems like depression or mania to treat that too. Medications can treat paranoid schizophrenia and if it helps the doctors to assess you then it’s good, but I can understand not wanting to have that label. I found that ADD medications helped me tremendously at driving and schoolwork. I also found anti-depressants helped me during the winter when I get depressed. But it’s difficult right now because I missed an appointment and now I have been put on an on call basis. I don’t think it is fair that the psychiatrist or therapist can call and cancel at the last second, literally, when I’m on my way to an appointment. But if I cancel at the last minute I pay $60 and am put on an on call basis, meaning I have to wait in line at the office for a medication refill. I’m not even on disability.


the key part is that on both occasions ’ sz ’ was mentioned, i think i have ’ fluffy elephant disease ’ , it sounds more fun !
take care


I feel like you need to know about what your wondering. Everybody needs to know their proper diagnosis. I have paranoid sz. Somehow you should try to find somebody that can talk to you about the spending problem. I don’t know your financial situation but if you can afford it try and find somebody.

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Talk to five different psychiatrists and you’re likely to get five different diagnoses. Symptoms are all a person should worry about.

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I was diagnosed as schizophrenic, bipolar type 1 with psychotic features a long time ago by one doctor, and the diagnosis that most doctors agree with for me and is sticking is schizoaffective disorder, this diagnosis I agree with for me. I have all of the symptoms. Malvok is right, its all about the symptoms. I personally would not place that much importance in the diagnosis - this varies depending on the doctor.


yeah but ish doesn’t have peace until she finds her right diagnosis. You know yourself the best and you know who Is a good doctor or not so you can choose which diagnosis is best for you with a good doctor.