Decided to stay on 3mg of risperidone

I felt a bit more obsessive and a bit more paranoid for a short period yesterday, but I felt much better at night.
I’ve decided to remain on the 3mg dose for a while longer to see how I do.
It’s been only 4 days but I’m feeling much more energetic and last night I was more sexually functional.

My father and I have decided to keep an eye on things.

Any more signs of deep paranoia and I’ll increase the dose to 4mg.

I just don’t want to give up just yet.

I’ll text my psychiatrist to let her know.

Wish me luck!


İ thought you want to change risperdal because of shortage.but good luck all the way.:sunrise_over_mountains:

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Best of luck :four_leaf_clover:


Im on a 25ml injection of it, equivalant to like 2mg or something. I was on 3mg personally before but like i totally feel the difference on an injection.

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I was on 3mg of risperidone. Now I’m on 4mg. Because I can’t sleep at night. If I fall asleep then for two or three hours at best. My psychologist already put up my sleep med to three pills with having no effect on me.

She said that the meds will get changed on the next appointment when I still suffer from sleeping problems.

I don’t see a difference in me with one mg more of risperidone.

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I didn’t have cogentin when I was on risperdal. It was hell. I had wishes for you .

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I notice a difference for me with the lower dose.
I have more energy and I feel things a bit deeper.
Last night I was able to ejaculate a good amount of semen.
With 4mg hardly anything comes out.

This morning I walked over 7500 steps.

I’m going to try to remain at this dose if I can.

@Wave. Definitely make sure you stay in contact with your pdoc so they can monitor how you’re doing. Also, make sure you are candid with both your family and your pdoc about how you’re feeling.

The concern would be if you become more symptomatic at the lower dose and either start losing insight or start feeling an increase in paranoia and this causes you to stop communicating with your pdoc or your family about how you’re feeling.

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Yes I will @Moonbeam
I still have to text my pdoc to let her know what my intentions are.

Today so far I don’t feel paranoid just had lots of energy.
Walked almost 10000 steps and it’s just 106pm.


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I texted my psychiatrist to let her know how I’m doing and what my intentions are.

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Risperidone did wonders together with escitalopram. Managed to live alone, finish my studies and work at the same time. The issue was that i lowered it too to low and got an episode, i got backb on it and it stopped working

Which dose did you become unstable @Newlyborn?

Always remember you can’t go back or reduce dose as your mind get used to it so its best to remain at least dose which gives insight of your illness.

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2 mg i took it 1515

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■■■■ it, I chickened out, going back to 4mg of risperidone starting today.
My thoughts are starting to get scattered and I’m getting some paranoid thinking.
Besides this morning I was manic.

Oh well I tried.

@Moonbeam @everhopeful @Aziz


Good job on catching yourself. At least you tried.


Thanks @everhopeful

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Could you try going down just a half mg?

No I think I’ll follow doctors orders and stay on 4mg
Thanks @anon1517417

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I’m sorry the decrease didn’t work. But it’s important that you have a med that works to keep your paranoia down. I just with there was something else you could do.

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