Decaffeinated green tea, same benefits?

I want to start drinking green tea for my fatty liver but I can’t because of the caffeine, my physcosis flares up.

Can I consume decaffeinated green tea? Would I get the same benefits in normal green tea?

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I read that it has a bit less antioxidants but still has a lot.

Is decaffe green tea a natural product?

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Methylene Chloride: Using this method, caffeine is removed by soaking tea leaves in methylene chloride directly or indirectly, by soaking the water (used to remove the caffeine) in methylene chloride and then returning the water to the tea for re-absorption of flavors and oils.

There are many methods, they are listed in the link.

Thanks. I just read one of them processing Ingrediants are bad for liver.

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I don’t know. 15151515

A lot of the health benefits are stripped away in the decaffeinating process, but it still has all the l-theanine in it which is what makes you feel calm.

I drink a lot of decaf earl grey (Black tea) because I love the taste. Black tea and Green tea are the same plant, just processed differently.

If you want a really healthy tea with low caffeine try white tea, again it is from the same plant as green and black tea, just picked earlier and processed differently. It’s healthier than both green/black, with all the antioxidants and stuff, but with much less caffeine.

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I think all herbal teas has health benefits. So in this case I would just take a L-theanine supplement, and then you could just drink whatever herbal tea you like. Read up on benefits and choose some to try out.