Dear parents, it's not your fault

Mom and Dad,
It’s not your fault.
Please stop feeling guilt about me inheriting muscular dystrophy from you.
You wanted the best for me. You sought out treatments and the best doctors.
You fought with the doctors and begged for help.
Just because you have given me two copies of a mutation that causes muscular dystrophy, doesn’t mean that you are a bad parent.
Just because you have given me a recessive genetic disease, this does not make you a terrible parent.
Please don’t apologize. Please don’t feel bad.
It’s not and never your fault.

I love you.


We can all learn from such sentiment. Very eloquent and to the point. Keep strong.

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Did you write that to give to your parents? It’s very sweet, very well written. They need to hear this from you. I bet it will mean so much to them. l☺️


I agree with Circle of Fifths! You should share it with them. You sound like a kindhearted person plorans-ploravit.

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@rogueone @Sardonic @anon40653964
Thanks guys. I realize that my feet is atrophying first. I just have to accept the fact that I may continuously get worse.
But I don’t blame my parents. They wanted the best for me. I told my parents everything I wrote on this thread, but they still cry and apologize.
My mom told me, “It’s our fault that you got this disease.” She continues to feel really bad and keeps hugging me because she feels so much guilt.
I hate this. I hate that I’m putting my parents through this.


You’re not the one putting your parents through this. It’s not your nor anyone’s fault you got the disease.

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This is such a sad story that I am lost for words. My thoughts are with you and your family @laetitia.

my heart goes out to you

My daughter has CF and it’s when both parents carry the gene

1 out of 4 offspring will have CF, 2 will be carriers, and 1 will have nothing

you can be tested to see if you’re a carrier and your partner can

I think the only one is my family who did was my sister, and she’s not a carrier.

Those are heartfelt words.

My Father blames himself for my schizophrenia, but i told him he was the best Dad any kid could ask for, and that this affliction has nothing to do with him or my upbringing.

Sending positive vibes your way! Stay strong!

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@Pikasaur @Sarah
Thanks guys. Yes, it’s not anyone’s fault. But my mom and my dad are blaming themselves for causing my MD. I honestly don’t want them to feel this way.
I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter’s CF. I’m well aware of CF due to it being a recessive genetic condition, which is what I have. My mom and my dad got the carrier test, that’s how we found and confirmed that I have muscular dystrophy. I will have a more of a severe case due to carrying two defective genes, rather than having one dominant mutation. Even if it is tibial muscular dystrophy, I will have more severe case than others due to carrying two defective ones instead of one.
Maybe the mutation spontaneously occurred for you and for your partner. It happens and we often don’t know. I’m really sorry about your situation. I hope your daughter is feeling better than before.
Yeah, it’s easy for parents to blame themselves because they often feel guilt about their child(ren)'s disorders. I told my parents that this has nothing to do with how they raised me or because they’re bad parents. My parents have no fault in my MD.
Thanks! Stay strong as well!


I send my love and compassion. I inherited my late onset schizophrenia from my late father but still love him completely.

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I’m really sorry to hear about your situation. I’m here for you if you need to talk.
Speaking of inheritance, I’ll ask my geneticist if I have a mutated gene that might cause schizophrenia.
I have 10+ significant mutated genes; I just can remember TTN gene only at this moment.

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