Every problem is my fault? NO

My parents tell me this all the time…i have a gastroenteritis now and they say is my fault. Every health problem i have is my fault…i’m soooo angry. Depression is my fault, psychosis is my fault, oculogiric crisis is my fault. What the hell? I can’t be sick just because it happens? Gosh!!!


Others’ fundamental lack of understanding can be most frustrating. I feel your pain.


It may or may not be your fault. This condition can be caused by poor diet. I don’t know you well enough to say if that is the case. I do share your pain regarding judgy parents because in-laws. Not a huge fan of my wife’s parents.

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why would they even say that to you?
what the actual ■■■■?
What the heck. Illness is not your fault AT ALL. They don’t know what they are talking about.

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maybe they don’t want to feel their own guilt

when I ask my mom about her pregnancy when she carried me
she thinks I’m going to start blaming her for my schizophrenia.


The big cause was an anti-inflamatory i took for headache. But i had nauseas before that

Sorry daze but if my mom was avoidant of giving out information in fear of me blaming her that would make me only blame her more.

Honesty is the way to go.

My mom
Hasn’t been 100% honest always.

But she’s been fairly honest. So now I don’t blame her so much. Because she’s helped me recover/give me insight through her honesty and stories of me when I was younger.

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The parents always ask,
what is wrong with the kid,
instead of asking themselves,
whats wrong with them.

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Oh man, that would do it. My sympathies. Best of luck with getting things smoothed out with the parental units. Not a great thing when you’re not getting along.


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you had to get a doctor script for that, right?

Phil’s on them, he never has problems.

pantoprazol, ondasetrom diazepam and domperidone

Uh… they realize that some people have adverse effects from those meds, right?
Seriously. How can they tell you that having illnesses is your fault?
This is like telling me “your illness is your fault” while it’s my parents who gave me the genes.

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