DBT workbook

I’m reading a dialectical behavior therapy workbook. It has so many amazing tips and advice for nearly every situation.

I flipped ahead to the interpersonal skills section. It is really helping a lot. I think I will be able to relate a lot better after this.


I’m glad it’s helping you.

I bought one years ago. It was mainly for people who get angry quickly and easily.

For that reason, I didn’t relate to it at all.

I was bummed. What book did you get? Maybe I’d relate to that one.

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That’s the theme of this one too. I don’t have anger or self harm issues which is why I flipped ahead to other sections.

I’m making the most of it. The interpersonal effectiveness sections are good.


Yup. That’s the one. Well maybe I’ll look and see if I still have it since there are some chapters that aren’t based on anger issues

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That is a fantastic workbook. I’m glad you purchased a copy.


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I got the other ones you recommended too.

The people who wrote this book are very smart and skilled.

Thanks for the suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to order this workbook. Thankyou @ThreeRivers.

I had a diagnosis of bpd throughout my young adult life but according to my doctor, grew out of it in my old age. I no longer carry that diagnosis. But DBT can help anyone.


I think you will appreciate it, @SkinnyMe. I think the tips and exercises are relevant and can be applied to other areas of our personalities that need a little work.


I like DBT better than I do CBT
It’s helped me in the past


DBT helped me a lot. It’s also an evidence-based treatment, which means there’s good evidence that it works.


DBT is so cool and I’ve never been able to try it. I always ended up in hospitals or programs when the DBT program is full and there’s a waitlist.

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All my life I avoided DBT therapy for these reasons:

  1. I resented the pdoc diagnosing me with bpd in the first place.

  2. I didn’t think I had it and considered it an insult.

  3. DBT therapy was a long term program and took two years to complete.

  4. It was very expensive and cost a couple thousand dollars.

  5. It aimed to change your whole personality and I resented anyone thinking that my personality was defective and needed changing.


I ordered this book @ThreeRivers.

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That’s great! You finally get to take part in a DBT program :slightly_smiling_face:

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