Self-help books, etc

I’m working with a woman who’s reading a self-help book right now. She said it’s great; really helping her. Something like The Seven Habits of Successful People. I smile and think to myself that a book like that doesn’t apply to me. I have extra circumstances to think about/deal with. It’s another instance when I feel the weight, the tumor of my mind, specifically schizophrenia…

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Yeah, I want to get away from that self help trash and learn that I don’t need “fixing.” Ironic thing is, if you Google that phrase, you get more self help articles. Crazy!

I normally give self help a wide berth like NLP and hypnosis!

But I did use the following book with the help of my psychologist we worked through it together, so she could help me or fix anything that went wrong!

I read a couple body language and lie detection books. I think technically they are self help, but they’re more like stacking ammo…

Father of… Schematherapy –

There are tons of great s/h books applicable to the symptoms of sz, sza, szt, ppd and bipolar. Some of my personal faves:

One will find many others if one peruses each of these pages for a while.

Almost ALL of the following psychotherapies can be learned and utilized in workbooks available on or elsewhere online.

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT – & scroll down
10 StEP –

I had nothing BETTER to do than see if I could get “better.” So that’s what I did.

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Self-help books are something that stop me from going forward, and I noticed that after 10 years of reading some of them. I was just using them as an excuse to stop and do nothing.
Now I just try to act instead of reading such books and thinking too long. And I’m much happier and active that way. All I needed to do was to admit that I’m scared of changes/new things.


I used to read self-help books when I first got ill. I’d go to the bookstore (instead of the university library) and read cover to cover books about first hand accounts of having sz (i.e. The Quiet Room), books relative to my situation (i.e. The Introvert Advantage). I’d go everyday as part of my healing and recovery process, I think I read everything they had in print about sz. It gave me some insight as to what I could expect and some perspective of what it is like with a sz dz.

These days, I have a hard time concentrating and have to read something two, three times to absorb it and catch things I missed the first couple times around. Books are nice for quiet time, although I’d rather shoot hoops, write, or watch a movie.