Has anyone tried dbt classes?


and has it been beneficial?? I tried once but felt uncomfortable and haven’t tried again.


i think i have heard of it but i’m not sure, what is it?


Dialectical Behavior Therapy or cognitive behavorial therapy. I’m not really sure but i know in the usa they have it a lot of places and it’s been recommended to me.


I heard DBT is only used on people with Borderline Personality disorder.


if you think about it everything we do is dbt or cbt, its all therapeutical even if it is not planned out, i think we do it without even knowing it most of the time.


oh maybe it is for borderline more. i’m not sure. that was probably the only class they could offer me. LOL yeah i think you have a point daydreamer. Life is therapy really. It’s just up to us to figure out everything. :slight_smile:


sometimes we need help figuring it out though esp with our symptoms if they flair up,

to the professionals cbt to them is away to encourage people under their care to get out and do something themselves like for instance becoming independent i.e. going to the shop themselves or for coffee or even just a walk, they are trying to help us reach our full potential as human beings despite our illness and with our illness,

it is said that if you do something often enough it becomes easier and i think this is true, its just mental illness makes it a lot harder to achieve.


I think your right. great statement as well.


I have a friend who’s bipolar and she’s been in DBT for about 5 years. She let me read through some of her workbooks and it seems really interesting and helpful!




DBT is a good or effective type of therapy if someone is impulsive - suicidal and tends to get chaotic in general. It is the prefered type of treatment for people suffering with borderline. It can really benefit all kinds of MI. It helps make the person relax and refocus.


DBT was the only real therapy that ever helped me… i highly recommend it!

hugs to all



Thanks all i might look into it. i just don’t want to do too much therapy either. That could be draining. I might wait till i see doctor next in february and talk to him and see what he suggests. :slight_smile: i think will start seeing a therapist if i can find one i like though for sure right away.


I tried it but it didn’t help me. A psychologist recommended it for me when they thought i had borderline personality disorder. I was uncomfortable there.


i felt uncomfortable at mine too. i think i was having psychotic symptoms a bit and i just didn’t fit in with all the girls and it was in a real small room and we would take turn saying something and most were women with kids who had a lot of demands and then it comes to me and i was blank with what to say. I should have kept going though. My instructor was even going to do the class separately with my in a session but i didn’t keep it up.


It was a little like that too for me, i felt uncomfortable too with the therapist leading the sessions. He was my therapist for iindividual sessions and the first question he asked me was if i believed in God. I didn’t have much to talk about with him, most of our sessions were pretty quiet.


I go to DBT class every week. The principles of it seem really hokey at first but if you practice them they actually work. DBT is really helping me cope through a tough time I’m having now. Its not just for borderline, people in the group are depressed, anxious, bipolar, etc… from all walks of life. Meetings can be uncomfortable and it takes time for this stuff to sink in and to let yourself try and learn to use it.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy I think really helped me. I know there are some new articles popping up saying that it’s not a helpful as previously thought. But looking back, I feel it helped me. My sis is anorexic and she is starting CBT this week.


Hi, yes I have the one I looked into was a lengthy course and they spoke of the teachings of mindfulness and Buddha as well as creating a wholistic approach to the therapy. You’ve prompted me to go back and find out more!!
Thanks, lollie