Day 2 of my weekend

Going a whole lot better than day 1. Making progress figuring how I want to rearrange my stuff again. It’s a small apartment and I like doing what I can when I see how to make it feel larger and easier to clean.


U are still holding ur job azley …???

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Yeah man. Going back in 19 hours

Can u tell me more about ur job azley .i love to work but i cant …

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Yeah man. It’s just work in a pizza place. We mix the dough and divide it into the right portions. Stretch it out on the different sized pans.

Making pizzas is actually pretty simple. Take the dough flatten the air out. Take a spoonful of sauce and spread it around evenly. Put a sprinkle of cheese around to grip the toppings. Some toppings go under the cheese… some go on top (like pepperoni). So add the main layer of cheese in appropriately. Oven runs at 455 and it takes 5 minutes for the pizza to pass through it.

Cut and box and the pizza is ready to go. We also have sandwiches and noodle based products. And side items. and desserts. It’s a lot to look at with a glance but broken down over time it’s pretty easy. There are instructions hanging around everywhere.

Drive, dough, and dishes are the tasks for the delivery drivers. I do dishes for upwards of an hour on most nights.

Then there is the driving part. Which is alright. Driving at night makes it tough to see addresses and the various map applications tend to come up short. Gotta make a lot of phone calls tracking people down. I can make 15 to 20 dollars an hour though. It pays pretty well.

The coworkers are all cool. A lot of diversity which is neat. Got a graphic designer and a martial artist. As well a guy going to school who seems pretty well cut out to be a technical analyst. A lot of surprisingly knowledgeable folk.

The place is ran by women, and they actually do a better job at being fair minded and treating people with respect.

I’m about to become a cook.


U are a good cook in my view…how many hours do u work on a single day…take care azley…U Are The Best. …are u sleeping this late night…!!!

Hey thanks @far_cry… you are a stellar gentleman.

I work about 7 hours minimum. I’ll be getting to sleep after the sun comes up over here. I like being a night owl for the most part, but it does take a good amount of preoccupation or the need for people starts cropping up. I’m still sorting that out.

Got a good project for the morning which is cleaning and rearranging my room.

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U are high functional dude… keep it up…i think u dont need any social security benefits right now cuz u work full time… keep it up dude …u are a kind person …

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@Azley I love you man…
It’s so amazing that you are able to work…

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Azley, you spill the secret recipe of pizza. :smile:

So it is 3D: Drive, Dough, Dishes.

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