Azley checking in

Life is going well. I’m finding a new adult mix of responsibility and laziness in the face of actual free-time.

There is a good chance that I might wind up being the head of the bakery department as the dynamic management duo is moving on to work in a call center.

So that’s going to be a big burdenous step forward. Full 40 hour work week or more when necessary and higher pay. The proper step off of disability, but also it’s going to leave me locked in Lawrence and a work routine 5 days a week.

First thing off I gotta encourage the upper management to hire 5 people or so. Then train them all. Fun stuff.

Also though I’ve got a lot of changes in mind to get that bakery running even smoother. The last department head largely just did all the work himself and kind of just barely got around to the actual managing side of things. Total inversion of what his role was supposed to be, but he wanted things done right.

It’s a lot to think about and I really got too be careful or deny the position and protect my mental health. I do feel comfortable back there and I should have a more mature staff than a bunch of college kids working as delivery drivers.

Right now there is a 60 year old lady and a new older lady… lol… Old ladies are typically kind. Got one akquainted with a few of the tasks yesterday. Hopefully she’ll stick around.

Strange mix, just in time, too much at once, and a proper challenge. I haven’t even done a full set of a days baking yet.


I’m glad to see you doing so well @Azley . :sunny:

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I don’t understand why there’s mangers in a bakery.

When I worked it

It was just the owner.

And her assistant.


Good luck

To much consumption + laziness + greed + selfishness + exponential growth = 40 hour work week

Try not to let the bread make you go mad. The repitition is going to get intense i would imagine.

Be sure to get out and repel down the side of the grand canyon while on mushrooms every once in a while.

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