Dating with illness

There needs to be agencies for mentally ill throughout the country

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It says

But it can become even more overwhelming when you’re dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, bi-polar, an eating disorder, or one of the other mental health conditions

Schizophrenia is so far out there they don’t mention it. :joy:

I’m 50 now and I have no desire to date again. Pretty much every day I’m thankful that I never got married now.

We haven’t got a hope in hell!

I wouldn’t say that. “Where there’s a will there’s a way” as the old saying goes. I just don’t have any will to date again.

I’ve never tried online dating but apparently it’s much easier if you’re a woman.

Did you sign up for eharmony ?

I signed up but couldn’t bring myself to part with my money
I don’t mind being single I only mind in holidays or when I’m feeling down

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I’m having success but then again I’m absurdly handsome AND modest lol jk :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: no it’s just the holidays that make us want to be with someone. I find that when I’m pining for someone else there’s usually someone out there who expresses interest but I’m too caught up in my own world to notice or am too picky or just don’t feel up to it. Getting healthy helps, on the right meds, exercise, etc, then learn good hobbies and put yourself out there. Takes time but go to open mics or something even if just to watch, they’re great places to meet people. Can be stressful if you get social anxiety but with that there’s other ways to get over it. I imagine that time is an illusion and all my worries are trivial and just let the movie play while trying to say interesting things occasionally. I’m no pickup artist but I have my interesting lines. People like people who smile.

Everyone that desires to meet someone has to remember that for that to happen, you have to go out to find them,
because they aren’t going to come to your house to find you.

It shouldn’t cost anything to meet someone, unless you need it to, just get outside doing the things you like doing.
Keep your head up and smile.

I don’t like doing anything and I never smile. Glad I am already married.

After my divorce in America I have not dated anybody. Well 20 years has passed. I am happy to be alone, but I do like to talk with people occasionally. But I smile and laugh often, especially alone. One marriage was enough. It ended how it ended. It was an experience with all world travels. I suppose loving oneself is good.

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John and I got together in high school, I was 15, he was 16. That was in 2000. Feb 18 will be our 20th year together, we were married Friday June 13th, 2003, lol. I don’t think either one of us will ever find someone else if/when one or the other passes. I told him I would hope he would try, but I am his first and only girlfriend, so he has no dating skills.

I wouldn’t even attempt to date again, cause by time anything happens I’ll be old and the kids frown and have given me grandkids. I’ll rock being grandma, that’s my plan, lol.

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