Dating someone else

I just randomly thought of this but when the girl hooking up with my ex and stealing him from me said they were getting back together and lied could she have been a smart mouth witch and saying I needed to hook up with someone I’ve dated before?

Since I’ve dated aloy of guys before. Sorry I post a lot about my ex it’s my only relationship in like 10 years

I hadn’t been anyone five years but lied told someone I was engaged and had also dated someone else playing around because I was tired of being single could she have been smart mouthed about that and telling me to hook back up with my supposedly ex

If she was able to “steal” him from you he wasn’t the right partner for you anyhow. If they are meant for you they would never run off with someone else.

It’s typically a bad idea to date exes. You broke up w them for a reason. I mean I’ve heard of a few times where it worked out ok because the two people had grown and changed. But generally it doesn’t end well.


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