Dating site

If you google dating a schizophrenic, this is the first thing that pops up. Basically says dont date us.

Ticks me off.

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Hah, it does suck man. For now I’m keeping comms to text only.

then they saw me and i melted their hearts haha :wink:


Quite depressing.

you know what, love is blind and you can find someone in the most unexpected of ways. There’s nothing better than falling in love and just because you have a disability, doesn’t mean you can’t be happy and find love. You need to put yourself out there. A good heart, kindness and appreciation can get you a long way.


I have to admit it’s 75% right. At least. Thank gawd my wife is dysfunctional and loves me.



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Yeah my boyfriend has depression they do have no longer lonely site. There’s hope.

wish someone could date me right now lol,

i know this is not a dating site but is anyone available?


Can we sue them for defamation of character?

What a crappy I gave up dating years ago simply cause of the mind games I have had better relationships with people who have schizophrenia on-line than any of the so called normal’s in real life.