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So i met this really cool girl while i was out dancing today. We talked about spirituality a lot and shared ideas back and forth. Anyway, how do i tell her i have sz and live with my mom? I mean it’s kind of a deal breaker, you know? I don’t know when to bring it up but i don’t want to be dishonest. What do i do?


That’s a tough one and I’m hesitant to try to tackle it. But if it were me I think it would depend on what my intent was towards the person. If you plan on getting involved with this person romantically, I think I would be up front. I might says something like, " I just want be upfront with you…blah blah blah". If my intent was just to have this person as an acquaintance I might go dancing with every once in awhile, I don’t see why I would feel any obligation to divulge every aspect of my life to them. If you plan on getting to know that person intimately, those details are likely to come out sooner or later anyway. Better to get it out of the way right away. Hope this helps.


I did not consider your title when I typed response. So the first scenario is probably the most relevant.

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No need to tell her your schizophrenic. You living with your mom isnt a deal breaker.

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I wouldnt tell her your sz and you can say you live with your Mom and pay half the rent


Maybe give it a week get to know her better
Then tell her informatively
Describe how your sz effects you
Ie that your not violent etc


I think I saw a headline somewhere about how a lot of millenials are moving back home. I agree with @Bowens though about being upfront about living at home.

The key with women though is to frame things with a positive light, and tell her about your goals in life.

For example, “I have a disability and my mom has been sick for a while so I live with her to help her out and keep her company.”

Or “I live at home so I can save money to get my Yoga certification.”

Or “I like living at home because I can go to college and not worry about too many living expenses.”

Hope this helps!

Ps, I once went on a couple dates with a beautiful woman while I was living back home. :slight_smile:


Honestly - tons of people still live with their family parent mom - now a days cause of the housing crisis.

It’s just economics.


I wouldn’t try to force the issue. Let it come up naturally at a apropriate time. Don’t stress too much thinking about disclosing your situation.

Yea that might be a deal breaker. I don’t think I’d date anyone with schizophrenia myself.

Having said that not all women are like me.

I think you have a chance.

Just tell her in a way that you feel comfortable with, just let it pour out one day soon, don’t leave it too late because then she might feel that you tricked her

That is a private and personal tragedy in your life and no one deserves to know. Just carry on in the relationship or whatever it is. The only time that might matter to tell someone is if you are going to have a child with them. You cant open a relationship with huge things like that. Just carry on getting to know them. And enjoy yourself.


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