The Joys of Age and a Paranoid Internet!

As per previous posts I just built a couple of new computers. Got my little bro into a healthy beast and upgraded my rig as well. Short story I’ve had to readjust all my passwords and hasn’t that been an exercise in patience!

I use a variation of certain things and I think I’ve reached my limit! I’ve been long into this digital internet and gawd…it’s still such a brain drain changing things in an environment that is so paranoid about changing details.

I know it’s for protection and to stop hackers but gawd. You miss spell something or you just plain forget your password for something…yes I do have lists of passwords for everything but things change and I forget too much for sure. To jump through rings and stuff just to do what you used to do leads to an important truism…

Save your gawdamn passwords people!!! One day you may change a computer and that becomes a world of frustrating heck!


My outlook email is always getting hacked. I constantly get password notifications on my phone for it! I will lose patience with it eventually and sort it out but it just keeps on happening!


I saved my passwords on a piece of paper. Not too many though… :computer:


Mate. The troubles I’ve had with microsoft stuff has done my head in!

I’m off internet explorer and just using chrome now. Bugger it…I’m not impressed but that is another story!


I’ve been forgetting my passwords lately, and now I’ve changed some enough that I have 10 passwords when I only had 3. It’s exhausting trying to remember which variation of password A I’ve used but now I have to remember B, C, D, E, and F now, too, because some things demand a password change every X number of days, so a new one gets added to the rotation.


@ZombiePupper Yes!!! Gawdamn…I got so confused that passwords I set two minutes ago I doubted and muffed them up! What a journey!!! I’m getting there but driving me out of my mind!


I have Firefox and I could have a “master password” like a password for all passwords. But I don’t know how to use it. It’s safer to write it down on a piece of paper.


Yeah @anon51414962 that sounds sane but I change it around just for security. I don’t mind using a major antivirus and had no problems as it records passwords and it’s all protected. Getting to that stage on a new bloody computer is just mad! I’m not a youngster anymore hahaha.


So now I’m waiting a while to sync my password for my email with my bloody phone! Yay hotmail…love your work…lucky I have hair cause it’s going grey or I’m losing it! I know it’s first world problems but it’s doing my head in!

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I find that writing down my passwords on a piece of paper with a bunch of other fake passwords helps me feel less paranoid about writing it down I also have it written in code though.


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