Daily use of klonopin

I’m prescribed klonopin for severe anxiety. I’ve taken it everyday for the past five days. Normally I’d take it one day and then the next day off so I don’t become dependent on it. Other than taking seroquel when things get bad what are some things I could do to help with my anxiety on the days I don’t take klonopin?

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i dont want to get in trouble for sining its praises but i use a half dropper of cbd oil once or twice. it calms me as i have severe anxiety too. nearly lifelong. otherwise i take gabapentin.


You could give this a try.


It works like a benzo for me. I take it PRN so I don’t build up a tolerance to it.


i use klonapin two prn and 1 at night for sleep

i get bad anxiety and really need it when i go out to stores or for things like doctor appointments hair cuts and family and friend gatherings

im currently training my new service dog

with my last one i didnt need as much prns

she kept me from panic attacks and hi anxiety attacks


I’ve been taking 1.5mg every night before bed for about a year now because I have brutal Insomnia.

I’m almost certainly dependent on it at this most. But I don’t care. I can’t sleep without it.


CBD gummies and CBD cigarettes are great for anxiety! I love CBD

i take 1 mg at night for sleep

i also have 2 1mg prn that i also take at bed unless i need it during the day

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I take Ativan before every shift.

I take Klonopin everyday. But, also take Buspar. That might be worth a try. :panda_face::panda_face::panda_face:

@GrayBear i take buspar too

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