Dad is a jerk

So here it is. My two brothers are very successful, one brother is a executive for NBC and the other one is an electrical engineer so both are really smart. My dad is also an engineer, he talks to the other two alot more than he talks to me. I know that he thinks I’m a loser, I’m not particularly super smart and I don’t have a job because of the schizophrenia. I wish I didn’t have to compete with my brothers. I don’t know why I care so much he wasn’t even around when I was growing up, to busy making his fortune to care about us. I’m thinking about confronting him about it. I dunno, thanks for letting me vent.


I’m sorry. You have a value inherent to yourself. Your worth in life does not depend on your ability to earn dollars or work a fancy job. I’m sorry your family hasn’t learned that, yet.


I’m kind of the black sheep in my family…the only child without a University Degree.

I was scared of my Dad growing up…his temper. But Dad worked 60 hour weeks to provide for all of his kids.

In his twilight years, his overwhelming love and generosity towards his family makes up for any shortfalls he had as a Father to all of us.

He’s always been our rock, through thick and thin.


It doesn’t matter what job you have.
You are smart and valuable


Hey Nate. I feel similar to you. I’m not respected at all by my Dad because I don’t work. My Dad doesn’t really understand schizophrenia and how bad it can get etc. All he sees are all the things I’m not doing that “normal” people do.

I think confronting about it is ultimately pointless. Some people just don’t understand mental illness and unless you are incredibly persuasive and have some kind of medical background to explain you’re unlikely to change their minds.

I feel like this is not an uncommon thing, especially in fathers.
You need to remember that just because he doesn’t value you, doesn’t mean you don’t have value. It’s his loss if he doesn’t care about his son.


Your dad probably loves and cares about you but if youre seeing hes not talking to you as much maybe not having a job and having sz limits what there is to talk about. When i wasnt working my dad would just say “so…” to me. Now i say a few things to him about work and the news. Anyway i dont know either of you but thats my two cents

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